May 14th, 2009


Thor's Day

Am feeling markedly better today, despite not sleeping well and being up way too early. I'll hope for functionality.

Hey, New Yorkers - I'm looking for crashspace on June 11 so I can go to this. Anyone got room for a 'song overnight?

Chores I need to get done in the near future
* Get Allegra prescription.
* Get driver's license changed over
* Get hair fixed
* Get more yarn for scarf-in-progress

Stuff I covet
* Kotatsu.
* Bookshelf earrings.
* Either of these necklaces, to match my bracelet.

Daily Science
Of the 92 naturally occurring elements, add another to the list of those that are superconductors. James S. Schilling, Ph.D., professor of physics in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, and Mathew Debessai — his doctoral student at the time — discovered that europium becomes superconducting at 1.8 K (-456 °F) and 80 GPa (790,000 atmospheres) of pressure, making it the 53rd known elemental superconductor and the 23rd at high pressure.

It'll be a tidying sort of day. I also need to hit the flash fiction folder and get back on track submitting things. It has been a while. Tonight, word war with shveta_thakrar and saraphina_marie; hopefully I'll get time to get writing done before that, too!

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