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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
May 11th, 2009 
10:16 am - Monday
Hello to new reader stealthymonkey!

I am made of ouch. Active weekend. I'll need to take it easy today.

Shut Up and Write Day
Am at 9,236 words in the Telenias/Katrina story. And he hasn't even been approached to be the Telenias yet. I have the beginning. I have some of the middle - I have one long stream-of-consciousness arc that poured out of me on Friday, from the beginning of the relationship through Janet's death and House Tallart's falling under the auspices of the Council, and I wrote some of the necessary scenes that are the beats of the middle of the story. I wrote the first crack in the NRE - the one sentence, cruelly dropped by Stephen, that will fester in their relationship til it becomes the end of them.

This'll double in size, this thing - because I've been so focused on following the evolution of their relationship that I've not been putting in necessary stuff about his relationship to the city, about the peculiarities of Tallat, about the things that will drive him to be Telenias.

The story is difficult in unusual ways. It has no rape in it, yay! But it is difficult because it is the course of a first love - a love between two people who are ultimately just entirely wrong for each other, so it can never work, but they don't know that, and hey feel like if the just try - a little - harder -

And shit, I've been there, and I can access that pain pretty easily. So I am sitting here writing and going OUCH OUCH OUCH, and I can understand why Katrina damns herself, and why Telenias retreats from the world.

...oh hai.

Hey, New Yorkers!
Artists and enthusiasts are cordially invited to the first NYC Interstitial Salon – an evening devoted to the pleasures of conversation among boundary-crossing artists, writers, musicians, and creators. June 11, 7-10pm.

If I take the bus down, can I crash at someone's place that night?

Hey, Bostonians!
You have another chance to see Who Does She Think She Is? - May 12, 7:30pm, the Brattle. I really highly recommend it, if you are at all intersted in art or women, and I know you all are.

Link Soup
* Grub Street's summer teen writing fellowship needs your help!
* shveta_thakrar on the cult of the author.
* This is relevant to my interests.

Daily Science
Interview with Michio Kaku.

I have several posts I have to make. And some housework stuff to do - I successfully did the winter/summer closet changeover on Saturday, so my room's much tidier, but I still need to clear out my dresser. There are any number of shirts in there that are now too small, but would fit Elayna, and then I'll have more room for the stuff that does fit. (Common conversation: Elayna's friends: "I love your skirt/shirt/headband/necklace!" Elayna, with an amused sigh: "It's my mom's.") Tonight's a BARCC meeting. In between, I'll poke at "My Empire for Ashes" - because once I get that call to be Telenias in, and his turmoil, and his decision, and his leaving, I can call it a first draft. Then I get to go over it again, of course, and put in all the things I glossed over. But hey. Feeling of accomplishment.
10:18 am - Mother's Day
Elayna & Mommy laughing
Mother's Day
Elayna gave me a gorgeous carved soapstone skull - the skull is all lacy curlicues, and you can see the brain inside, and its beautiful and perfect. And I am so glad I have a daughter who looks at that and says "Wow, that's beautiful, and Mom would love it."

Adam gave me a three-month Monthly Mysteries subscription. :) I got to pick out stuff for the first installment yesterday - shells and colored pearls.

My parents sent me a cookie basket. Well, Dad did. Conversation from when I called to thank them:

Dad: "Your mother is angry with me, that I sent you that."
Me: "Why?"
Dad: "Because I did it."
Me: "Okay." To Mom: "Why are you mad at Dad?"
Mom: "I didn't know he was going to do that! We talked about getting you something, but we never decided. I didn't know if you'd like it."
Me: "No, it's good. The snickerdoodles are really good."
Mom: "It doesn't have enough chocolate for you!"
Me: "No, Mom, it's fine. There are chocolate chip cookies. And M&M cookies. There's plenty of chocolate."
Mom: "Well, I know chocolate is your thing. I couldn't see the assortment. I didn't know - it doesn't have enough chocolate."
Me: "It has just enough. The chocolate balance is perfect. I like snickerdoodles, too."
Mom: "Well. Chocolate is your thing."

I swear.

I prefer snickerdoodles, actually. I'm mostly a molasses/ginger cookie girl. I really only go for chocolate chip when it's pumpkin chocolate chip. But Mom has internalized that I like chocolate and is very focused on that. It is exactly that kind of focus that led to my inexplicable childhood gift-elephant collection and young-adult gift designer Barbie collection. Dear Mom I like books. But thank you for trying.

So. Mother's Day! Elayna and I spent Mother's Day in New Hampshire, at kythryne's birthday party... a sheep and fiber arts festival, then Buffy episodes on the big screen. Why spend my Mother's Day at someone else's party? Because I love my awesome creative wonderful friends. And they love my daughter, and she loves them. And part of the awesomeitude of motherhood is watching your child grow, watching your baby become a child become a teenager who gronks at goats with you and tells your friends all about her stories and listens to them, and who feels safe to be her own wild beautiful creative self. Part of being a mom is raising up the next generation of writers, of artists, of singers, of musicians. And Kyth and Emily and Amy and Cat are her peers, really. They are not (yet) mothers, but they are part of the raising of this girl in that they love and respect her and show her who she can be.

And god, I love my daughter - I look at her and my heart spills over and there is sometimes this ache, because if I miss her just when she's at school and I miss her acutely when she's at Explo, what's it going to be like when she goes to college, when she moves out? And what if she moves out of town, out of the state, out of the country?

So she gave me a beautiful delicate skull for Mother's Day. But she also gave me time. A whole day of not fussing about homework and housework. Singing in the car, lunch at a restaurant where she was not picky and she picked out a rose for me, and a whole day of walking around and laughing at recalcitrant alpacas and playing with yarn and devising a plan to sneak Angora rabbits into the house, and deciding that we'll have goats when we have our own house - and playing with a dog and picking out pearls and curling up against each other to watch favorite episodes of a favorite show, and it was perfect.
10:48 am - Blogathon 2009!
Create Something Beautiful Today

What's Blogathon? One day a year, we pull an all-nighter for charity. Post every half hour for 24 hours.

When is it? Saturday, July 25.

What do you write during Blogathon? Every freakin' year since 2003, I've written flash fiction on demand. Ye, every half hour. For 24 hours.

What's your chosen charity? The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center!

Why is this a call to artists? Well, I'll tell you.

In 2007, a few people gave me things to auction to raise extra money for BARCC. In 2008, I expanded this greatly - I called for "artifacts", and cast myself as an alien xenoarchaeologist trying to extrapolate human society from these items. Check it out.

Now, financially, this was a great success - over $3,000 raised for BARCC! Creatively and emotionally, not so much, and the reason for that is... I got sort of crippled by my own success.

See, I've always found that Blogathon works better when you team up with other Blogathonners. Keeps you awake. Keeps you typing. Keeps you sane-ish. So I invited other people to Blogathon with me. This went from one blogging buddy to six to, last year, a dozen bloggers and significant support staff. Which is freakin' awesome, I tell you, and I am so grateful.

But the thing is, I can't manage a team and write decent flash fiction for 24 hours straight. I can do one of these things. But I found last year that I absolutely and uncategorically cannot do both. I was constantly interrupted for house questions, to fetch towels, to mediate disagreements - I retreated to Elayna's bedroom, close to tears, for a chunk of the night because no one would let me write.

I have not talked openly about how much this impacted me, because I don't want the people involved to feel bad. We were all tired and disorganized, and it all got piled on me in ways most of you didn't see, and I can't do that again.

So I talked to a few people, and we came up with a plan that seems sane. We are eliminating the "where's the colander?" questions and "she's being to loud!" complaints by relocating to feste_sylvain's house, where there's ample room to spread out and Feste, who's not Blogathonning, will handle the colanders. We are eliminating the "who's cooking dinner?" and "are you drinking enough water?" by having emilytheslayer in charge of the pit crew.

This frees up a lot of my time and energy. But I'm still Team Leader, so there will still be questions and interruptions. And y'know, raising thousands of dollars for charity trumps the production of flash fiction on demand. So here's what I'm doing.

Every half hour, I will post a flash-sized piece of something I've previously written. Wind Tunnel Dreams, Shayara, Places You Haunt, whatever. This frees me up to handle Team Venture and still do Blogathon, and beneath the fictionbits, I'll narrate our wacky Blogathon in realtime.

And since the auctions last year were so successful, I'd like to do them again.

So. Artists. Crafters. Musicians. Makers of things. What I would like to ask of you is this: If you have ever been inspired to make something based on one of my stories or poems, please consider making it and letting me auction it for BARCC.

If you make something, I will post the piece that inspired it. This is a good way to see favorite WTD pieces again! And everything that has something crafted for it will remain unlocked from then on. :)

Anyone interested?
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