May 5th, 2009


Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to catvalente!

Hello to new reader lessthanthree!

Meh. Didn't get to nap yesterday. Got to bed at a reasonable time, at least; we'll see how I do when I wake up. (Am on first cup of coffee.) Legs seem mostly recovered from Sunday.

After coffee, raffle stuff. *determined nod* That way I can pack up what I can and get it in today's mail.

Thank you guys so much for your patience.

Also Thanks
For your thoughts on my big writing process posts. I think I got all tangled up in this in part because of my solitude; outside of cons, I don't really have a community of writers to talk this stuff out with. I have a wonderful community of fabulous people who mostly don't get the whole writing thing; they read and enjoy it, but they don't see the spinning gears behind the scenes. They see stories, but not business. I need someone in my world who sees the business, too. Just for the occasional coffee and reality check.

Buy stories!
* "Verse Before the Flood is cluegirl's attempt replace all of the books, among other things, she lost in an epic house flooding. Check her LJ for details! She's also doing Tarot readings.
* "Strange Angel" is by murnkay, who is uniquely messed in the head. In an entertaining way. :)

Link Soup
* The music of my high school years, first marriage, and ramblings through Vegas. Woooow. (h/t mgrasso!)
* Black Dawn, a postapocalyptic web serial.
* Shinies! An elisem sale!
* Hal Duncan's thoughts on Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk.

Daily Science
Since its launch last June, NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has discovered a new class of pulsars, probed gamma-ray bursts and watched flaring jets in galaxies billions of light-years away. Today at the American Physical Society meeting in Denver, Colo., Fermi scientists revealed new details about high-energy particles implicated in a nearby cosmic mystery.

Daily Shayara
Pick a character, a place, a circumstance, whatever. I'll choose one and spin out a vignette.

Raffle, writing, other stuff on this week's master to-do list. Not going to Diesel tonight, because Elayna has her Spring Concert! Which means a mad hunt for her black-and-white band garb and red chorus polo when she gets home. But also means I get to see Elayna rock out tonight. So yay. :)
Magical Drama Queen Roxy!

RAFFLE: A Winner is You!

And the winners, per the random number generator, are:

1. Tuckerization in Farscape comic by kradical: chris_walsh!
2. Tuckerization in Stargate novel by terri_osborne: slipjig!
3. Tuckerization in Shayara: firebirdgrrl!

Autographed Copies
4. "Fortune" chapbook - story by me, art by ultra_lilac, chapbookening by themaskmaker. Limited edition #5 of 10: cliodhna!
5. Wind Tunnel Dreams book: purplefrog26!
6. Autographed copy of The Orphan's Tales by catvalente: lessthanthree!
7. Autographed copy of Desideria by wirewalking: shellefly!
8. Autographed copy of Heaven's Bones by samhenderson: testickles!
9. Autographed copy of The Book of Harry Potter Trifles, Trivias, and Particularities by rm: taura_g!
10. Autographed copy of lesbian erotica anthology Lipstick on her Collar, from contributor cbpotts: ysabel!
11. Print copy of the best of Half Sick of Shadows by dulcinbradbury: mousecatfish!

Custom fiction/poetry
12. Short fiction about the Shayara character of your choice: taura_g!
13. Custom poem by me: ysabel!
14. Custom story or poem by Elayna: emilytheslayer!
15. Custom poem by moonfire77: saraphina_marie!
16. Custom story based on the myth of your choosing by belgatherial: fcarst!

17. s00j's new CD, Mischief, soon as it comes out: arianhwyvar!
18. Video of the s00j/Elayna concert: saraphina_marie!
19. Video of Elayna performing the song of your choice from her repertoire (she knows everything by s00j and lots of Tori, Dar, Idina, etc.; also knows Wicked, Hairspray, and the musical episode of Buffy by heart. Among other stuff.): emilytheslayer!
20. Custom ringtones by tigerbright [info]: brokensiren!

21. "Valentines" pendant by kythryne, based on and including my story of the same name, which will appear in Interfictions 2: k_crow!
22. $20 GC for jewelry by sihaya09: hilariarex!
23. Key pendant by arianhwyvar (info): spoothbrush!
24. Bracelet by random_girl: alexmegami!
25. Necklace by spoothbrush: thesilentpoet!
26. Fortune-cookie-fortune necklace by me: phenom_woman!
27. Earrings by Elayna, as coached by kythryne: firebirdgrrl!

28. Assortment of jams by tamidon: caerwynx!
29. Baked goods by fiannaharpar: off_coluratura!
30. Kringla by grntserendipity: niftybabe313!
31. Baked goods of your choice by the Gojirawitz Girls: taura_g!

Fiber Arts
32. Crocheted shawl or afghan by littlebuhnee (examples): popelizbet!
33. Jayne hat by tnjade: greybeta!
34. Firecracker stole in merino from freyapax (store): solcita!
35. Owl cable hat and matching fingerless mitts by emilytheslayer [info]: charitypomaybo!
36. Blue/green/shiny hand-spun art yarn by eilonwy [info]: audacian!
37. Handspun yarn by emilytheslayer [info]: lyssabard!
38. A tube-knit scarf with beads and pretties sewn into it by upstart_crow (will include a poem about the scarf!): emilytheslayer!
39. Openwork lace scarf out of Alchemy Silken Straw yarn in the Fullmetal Alchemist colorway by emmalyon: cypherindigo!

Celebrity Lunches
40. Lunch with catvalente at WisCon: purplefrog26!
41. Lunch/dinner with me at Wiscon: purplefrog26!
42. Lunch/dinner with me at Readercon: saraphina_marie!
43. Lunch/dinner with me at PiCon: saraphina_marie!

Random Nifty Things
44. Mask by ioianthe [info]: caudelac!
45. Red catnip mouse by eilonwy [info]: slipjig!
46. Orange catnip mouse by eilonwy [info]: squook!
47. Decoupage journal by jennythe_reader [info]: shellefly!
48. Decoupage box by jennythe_reader [info]: emilytheslayer!
49. Custom 5" dreamcatcher by shadowwolf13 [Etsy]: arianhwyvar!
50. Custom Altoid-tin purse by niftybabe313 (2): testickles and saraphina_marie!
51. Doctor Who Duelling Screwdrivers (interactive game with The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver and The Master's Laser Screwdriver), from mikescomics: slipjig!
52. VIP Pass to AnachroCon 2010, courtesy of ydnic: saraphina_marie!
53. Stained glass by sageautumn: mizarchivist!
54. Book trailer by roommette [info]: saraphina_marie!
55. Commissioned pet portrait by bitsyboo (portfolio): off_coluratura!
56. One free wordpress blog setup + one year of free hosting; user will supply his/her own domain name and choose from a wide range of themes - from badlittlemonkey and rintrahroars: tonithegreat!

57. Pies by jennifer - pecan and chocolate-pecan: swashbucklr!
58. Knitting lessons by emilytheslayer [info]: caerwynx!

Congratulations to everyone! I'll get you all connected via e-mail. I hope you all love what you've won, and thank you for helping get Elayna to Explo!

I'll write the other myth bits I'd been planning on, and everyone who sponsored/bought tickets will get a Month of Myth/Gojirawitz Girls Challenge ebook. We thank you. You are all awesome.

EDIT: I apologize, I had yet to make this sufficiently clear..

We hit the goal, we passed the goal, we are starting a savings account for next year.
Elayna is SO going to Explo.

Including the NYC/Yale trip, to see her beloved Wicked on Broadway and to check out Explo's Senior program. :)

You all rock. Thank you for sponsoring/buying tickets, contributing items, and mad pimpin'. Elayna was blown away by your efforts, and will do you proud by kicking ass.
City full of ghosts

A little bit of "My Empire for Ashes"...

...this is Telenias before he's the Telenias, before he is pithed and filled with big dark secret ancestral memories; this is when he's Alexander Tallart, archivist and NeoVictorian before NeoVictorianism was cool. About a month ago, he caught Katrina Stone as she stumbled through the city gates, all wide-eyed and new; the Council took her in, as House Tamra is currently under their purview due to the Lishaya not having returned to the city. Here, he's doing a favor for his cousin - as Kithara (female head of one of the lesser houses), Janet really ought to be the one paying her respects, but is currently unable. Alexander is her favorite cousin and is becoming her right-hand man.


He stood before the mirror, seamstress fiddling with his sleeve. He regarded himself gravely. “I’m too…”

“Shiny?” Janet grinned, walking around him, hands resting upon her very round belly. “I like the gold braid. It’s a nice touch.”

“I feel ridiculous.”

“But you look wonderful. A credit to our house.”

“I wish you could go instead.”

She patted her belly gently. “Hey, I’m actually supposed to be on bed rest. House arrest, more like. I get tetchy, wanting to go out and get things done. I’d go if I could.”

“But your midwife would kill you,” he said resignedly. “I know. I’m just… not much for balls. Or any formal event, really.”

“You’ll do fine.” She fetched his mask and handed it to him - pale leather, molded to the contours of his face and lifted in elegant whorls, edged in the gold of his house. He tied it on, ribbons beneath his hair. He looked stiff, formal - foreign. Janet nodded approvingly. “All you have to do is make an appearance. Shake a few hands - all of the Kithrayna, a few of the Council. Represent House Tallart with your usual elegance and dignity. Then go home and relax. So says your Kithara.” She kissed his cheek. “And your cousin. And as your cousin? Try to have fun, Alex. Dance with a pretty girl or two.”

He smiled. “I’ll try, so long as you rest. Take care of yourself.”

“It’s a deal.” He shook her hand with mock solemnity, and she swatted his arm. “Go! Dance!”


It was like stepping into someone’s fantasy. Lilting music - he spied the string quartet in the corner. Elaborate dress - ballgowns and waistcoats and everywhere, masks, all proclaiming the wearer’s House with bold color and style, but hiding their true identity. A sea of people that he did not care for. A chore, a favor for poor Janet. He sighed and entered, accepting an offered glass of chardonnay. Fortifying himself for the evening of mindless chatter.

And then, across the room, he saw her.

Her. Katrina. It had to be.

She wore the green of her House, deep bottle-green ballgown, grand and beautiful. Her hair had been artfully piled atop her head, some locks free to cascade down her back and mingle with the laces of her corset, and she wore a delicate handpainted mask adorned with sparkling beads trailing down her cheeks. Her lips were pomegranate-red, but her eyes… her eyes were the same. And he would know her anywhere.

She was with Stephen, of course. Arrogant, petty Stephen, his green complementing hers. His everything complementing hers. Of course they’re together. The Great Houses flock together, and House Tamra the greatest of all, absent Lishaya or no. He did his best to fade into the woodwork. I will put in just enough time to avoid rudeness. Pay the respects of House Tallart. Then I can return to my place.

Oh, this is not my place

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