April 28th, 2009


Tew's Day!

It feels like Monday, because I was pretty much out of the house Saturday-Monday.

Hello to new reader aamcnamara!

A lot of activity and walkinging around with a heavy pack Saturday-Monday, and I'm feeling it. Having a hard-to-lift-the-coffeepot day, which I must overcome to get to Diesel because I need social time.

I need to sit down and sort the checks (thank you, browngirl, I got yours!), PayPal, and TipJoy, so I can figure out how much she still needs. And send a check ove to Explo, because I get twitchy having the money in our account.

I need to make the spreadsheet today and figure out which items have no or very few tickets in 'em so I can pimp those harder. "You stand a good chance of winning $ITEM!"

I need to e-mail all of the people who PayPalled but didn't tell me what they wanted their tickets to go towards.

I need a day off.
For serious. The conference this weekend was tremendously useful, but exhausting. So was yesterday.

BARCC Awesomeness
* I get to pioneer something brand new tomorrow! A mediated discussion group about the Clothesline Project. My volunteer coordinator said I'm the perfect person for this, because I come off as really approachable and engaging, and I'm good at picking out strands of subtext and saying "Well, okay, let's talk about that." I blushed.

* I was going to say "every so often you get these moments, these conversations, that validate everything you're doing as a rape crisis counselor. Because this is hard freakin' work. But every so often - you make an impact.

And I was going to say that. But y'know, I get those moments a lot, not just every so often. This may be what keeps us all going - the constant validation. Every workshop, every tabling, every speech - we change lives, and you can *see it happen*, and it's awesome.

My moment of validation last night = a fellow volunteer came to me and my coordinator to disclose something difficult. And I am honored that she trusted me that much, and happy that we were able to help and get her re-grounded, and happy that my coordinator e-mailed me thanks for being there, with really effusive compliments. Made me blush, that did.

It made me all mushy, you guys. And. I'm really glad that I can do what I can do. (Just wish I could find a paying job like this!)

She used a very dark red, reasoning that the sun would lighten it soon. Well, okay, sun. I'm ready. Because I can't see any damn red. This vexes me.

Interfictions 2!
Pre-order here!

Make something based on my story! Or anyone's story.

Link Soup
* Zen Habits poster
* Spooky's skydive.
* Trade tokens. Love these. On that note, Time Trade Circle. Hm.
* Sihaya designs update! Remember, you can put raffle tickets towards a $20 gift certificate to Sihaya Designs!

Daily Science
The evolution of the penis.

Another doctor, but I may reschedule this one so I have most of a day to work on fundraisey stuff and therefore *some* of the day to myself... it's been a long time since I got any downtime, and I really desperately need it.
Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

I must change my LJ layout like now.

Like I said... last week? Week before? I am itching to change my LJ layout. Twitchy, even.

My dream layout is one that incorporates ultra_lilac's gorgeous cover for the Wind Tunnel Dreams book.

But I am not a graphic designer or web-type person. So I have no idea how to do this.

If any of you can help, please? I will find a way to barter with you.

In the meantime, here are five pre-made layouts I think could work. What do you think? EDIT: Not with the image! None of them would. The layout I want with the image is just black and white, with bits from the image scattered along the other side - story bottles being links, let's say.

Just - in the meantime, while I'm hoping for eventual help. I want to change my layout like today.

EDIT: Image changed to link, because multiple people were getting confused. If you voted based on the layout you voted for being able to fit the image in, please change your vote! Whatever layout I change to will go in as is!

(I'm most torn between #1 and #5, for the record.)

...and I am impatient.

I changed it. Why this? It's spring colors. And it reminds me of my late Grandma's jewelry box.

I just wish I'd saved the quotes I'd had on the side of the page! If anyone can scoop those out of a cache or something, I'd be eternally grateful. The ones I knew I had:

"Books have endings. Stories don't." --Randall

"We write to discover what we believe." --Jonathan Carroll

"...part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time." --"Case of You", Joni Mitchell

"There is a crack in everything; that's how the light gets in." --"Anthem", Leonard Cohen

"If you wanna be immortal, you gotta have something to trade in." -- "Anything", Foetus

One of these days, I'll have an ultra_lilac-art layout. Also a Shayara layout, and Shayara mood theme. This is not that day.

What do you think?

Raffle spreadsheet up!

Yay! Um, that was a lot of work. *pantomiming wiping sweat from brow*

What I ask of you, besides buying tickets, is - spread the word! Especially if you have an item in the raffle - your fans will want to know! Example: The VIP membership to AnachroCon 2010 is kickass, one of the highest-value prizes, but it doesn't have any tickets on it yet because Southern steampunks/neoVictorians are not yet aware that they can win it. Knitty folks - there's some awesome handspun yarn you still have a really good chance to win. Drop a few tickets, and tell your knitty friends/communities!

So please - buy some tickets and tell your friends!