April 27th, 2009


My day, by Shadesong, age 35 2/6

Went to the boob squishery. Had boobs squished, then squished again, then ultrasounded, then ultrasounded again. Got a letter certifying me as "probably benign", which I think of as "mostly harmless".

Went upstairs and visited with ariesd; watched Empire Records, which he'd never seen.

Ran errands in Harvard Square - and, having the time, ducked in to get my hair trimmed and touched up. Dozed off multiple times in the chair. >.< Think my hair's okay, but it's a little hard to tell because it's currently straight.

Dropped in to Peet's for a coffee and internet fix. Updated Twitter/Facebook/LJ, checked e-mail.

Am now off to a BARCC meeting, and will be home ~9ish, when I will finally get the chance to skim LJ.

Yes, this has been my only internet fix for the day. Argh.


How's by you?