April 23rd, 2009

Wind Tunnel Dreams

Wind Tunnel Dreams: Gojirawitz Girls Challenge: Athena vs. Arachne

by Elayna
On that fateful day I sighed, weaving as hard as I could. I have to keep up with my work. My weaving was and is the most important part of my life. Don’t fall behind, Arachne. I didn’t have many friends… still don’t, actually. In fact, nowadays I have less. But that doesn’t matter, I suppose. It’s my punishment.

I was so arrogant way back then. But I loved my weaving just as much as I do now. I was learning under the firm hand of Athena, my teacher. Granted, I was a very good weaver. An excellent one, in fact. But there was no need for my bragging, I finally realize that.

“I am the best weaver on this world,” I’d boast. “I even surpass my teacher, Athena!”

It’s only natural that word would spread to my teacher so quickly. After all, she is Athena. I was so immature… I had no idea that she would punish me. How could I not have known? She’s Athena.

The contest was fun, but I was so foolish. I insulted her. How could I have been stupid enough to do that? How could I be so stupid?

But, to my surprise, her punishment wasn’t immediate.

“Aren’t you going to punish me?” I asked nervously.

“Of course I am,” Athena relied. “Why wouldn’t I?”

I swallowed hard, slowly lowering myself to my knees, still clutching my cloth that I’d woven. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Athena…”

“Of course you are now, once you’re at my mercy.”

“I’m sorry…”

Athena looked down at me. “… Your cloth.”

I looked up, tightening my grip on it. “Please don’t take it.”

“You like your weaving quite a bit, don’t you?”

“Weaving is my life, Athena.”

Athena paused. “… Very well then. It shall be your life.”

I bowed my head. “Ironic, isn’t it? Weaving ended my life.”

“As a human girl, anyway.”

I looked up, shocked. “You won’t kill me…?”

She laughed. “No, of course not. You need a punishment that will let you ponder your misdeed.”

“As in…”

“Think it over. Realize what you’ve done wrong.”

“I realize it already!”

“Think about it. Live on knowing that you brought your punishment upon yourself. It’s you that are to blame, Arachne. Not me.”

The last I saw of Athena was her toe. I didn’t wait for her to change her mind and do something worse. I scrambled away, up the wall, to the ceiling, as fast as my eight little legs could take me. And I watched as Athena burned all of my woven creations to ashes.

I’ve moved from home to home, just weaving. After all, what else can I do?

by Shira
My weaving was flawless-
even she said so.
She had to.
She governs truth, after all.

But it was truth that did me in,
the things she cannot deny -
every bit of what I wove
exposing them.

So I am done in
by the gods
like Leda, Europa,
like Danae.
Women whose stories I spun -
You are not forgotten.

They are not forgiven.

And I will speak
truth to power
if it kills me.

The Gojirawitz Girls Challenge = spontaneous fictioneering to raise money for Explo! We decide what we're tackling the morning of. You get what falls out of our brains.

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Galaxy's centre tastes of raspberries and smells of rum, say astronomers: The hunt for chemicals in deep space that could seed life on other planets has yielded a large, fruity molecule.

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Wind Tunnel Dreams

Wind Tunnel Dreams: Gojirawitz Girls Challenge: Alice

by Elayna
Dear Diary,

Everything is just perfect here. Flower-painting, growing, shrinking, unbirthdays, music always playing in the distance, or up close, but only if I choose it to be that way. Paradise! But for some reason, I’m not completely happy….

I’ve been getting a really strange nagging feeling lately. Like when you’re having a dream, and you can very faintly hear your alarm clock, telling you to awaken.

But what is there to wake up from? Everything is as real as I am! At least, I’m rather certain that it is. Sometimes, the door says that it’s probably all in my head. But I think I remember a different voice saying something like that… But, oh, I can’t remember it! It’s all just far too frustrating for me.

Sometimes I get a flash of a memory, of me in my favorite dress, sitting up in a tree, reading. Just reading! There was no growing, no shrinking, no excitement, no running about, no one painting the flowers farther off in the distance! And yet, I looked… content. Smiling, even though there was no excitement.

I asked the Cheshire Cat about it, but he was cryptic as always. I won’t even bother to quote him here, as he makes no sense and I can’t quite remember it all. Something about two girls, one mind, two places, one home, two lives, one soul. Either way, he was making no sense, and vanished before I could ask any questions, although it wouldn’t make a difference if I had asked a question. He’d be just as cryptic. But I’ve gotten use to that. It’s just the way he is, I suppose. He’s rather mad as well.

The Mad Hatter didn’t really seem to care about it much… he just served me tea acted just like he always does, to take my mind off it. And the Hare was too busy to answer my questions, as always. I would have asked the Queen about it, but…

Well, I’m not mad.

I wonder if the Cheshire Cat may actually understand what’s happening to me. Clearly no one else does. Although… The door looked a bit nervous, and the Mad Hatter flinched when I asked, and the Hare ran by more quickly than usual… No, probably not. Maybe it is just all in my head. Perhaps I’m just paranoid. The Cheshire Cat may have just been making fun of me, anyway.

Well, I’ll keep writing it out as it happens, I suppose.



Alice closed her diary and watched as the flowers were painted red, tucking her blonde hair behind her ear and smiling. Life really did seem perfect here. She closed her eyes and listened to the music all around her, trying not to think about her peculiar daydreams. The Cheshire Cat, in the tree just behind her, chuckled to himself.

“Two girls, one mind… Two places, one home… Two lives, one soul… Young little Alice, trapped in her own mind…. Trapped here…. Happily captive…. And never to return….” And he vanished.


Alice’s mother took her daughter’s hand, her eyes squeezed shut, trying to keep the tears back.

“She won’t wake up.” She tilted her head back and squeezed Alice’s hand. “She just won’t wake up anymore.”

Little figurines of animals decorated the child’s room. A rabbit with a watch, a man with a teapot and a tall hat, a queen dressed in red, a door with its lock as a mouth and its doorknob as a nose… and one purple, grinning cat.


The cat had always been her favorite. She once had said aloud that he was cryptic and made no sense. That had been where her parents had begun to worry, but it was just the beginning. She had fainted when she was outside, painting all the white roses red. And she hadn’t woken up.

Alice’s mother shook her head. A tear slipped out the corner of her eye. She got up and stroked Alice’s hair, the walked out of the room, flicked off the light, and closed the door.

And Alice smiled gently.


by Shira
When Alice fell
back to the world,
she did not fall completely.
One small window
in the back of her mind
stayed propped open,
sifting oddness in
like moonlight.

The doctors released her
when she disavowed the playing cards,
the chess pieces,
the waistcoats on the rabbits
that darted still just out of sight,
caring not a fig
if she acknowledged them.

She learned to tell what was normal
and not speak of what wasn’t.
We’re all mad here, always
whether we say the words or no.

She painted the Jabberwock,
the croquet matches,
the tea parties.
She was lauded for her imagination,
and never said
where she got her ideas.

When Alice fell again,
she was older than the Queen, the Hatter.
She lived her time.
When Alice fell again,
down the spiralling stair,
when she fell and fell
and fell forever
the last thing to fade
was her smile.

The Gojirawitz Girls Challenge = spontaneous fictioneering to raise money for Explo! We decide what we're tackling the morning of. You get what falls out of our brains.

Can you tell that Elayna recently watched the Buffy episode "Normal Again"?