April 20th, 2009



Hello to new readers comingin2day and kenyonsf!

Unhappy body weekend. Stresed my system on Saturday, which ended up being a pretty painful afternoon/evening. I felt okay to go back to Skillshare on Sunday, but I was so bone-deep exhausted that I had to leave around 3... and when I got home, I napped til 9. Got a decent night's sleep, but I'm having a hard time kicking brain and body into gear today. Slow motion. Molasses.

Sending Elayna to Explo
Saturday's post explains more of why Explo is so important to her.

What we need: Okay, here's the breakdown. The total to get her there, transported, with her miscellaneous account full and her trip to NYC/Yale, is $4,310.00 (we've already put down a $600 deposit).

What we have: $1.5K from my parents, $1K from Adam's mom, $400 from Amazon Breakthrough Novel reviewing.

So what we need to raise: $1,410.00.

That's... totally doable.

The Second Annual Gojirawitz Girls Challenge starts today (with Robin Hood - Elayna's choice). Every dollar you put in that tip jar gets you a raffle ticket. The raffle will go up on Wednesday - give me time to add in everyone's contributions and get my spreadsheet set up! If you sponsor today or tomorrow, you can tell me what you want your tickets to go towards later. If we end up raising more than she needs, that money will go into her savings account for next year - next year she'll be going to Explo's senior program at Yale, and residential costs twice as much, so we need to start saving for that as soon as we pay for this!

I'm breathing. This can happen.

EDIT: If you're doing something non-custom for the raffle, getting me a photo of the something by Wednesday would be ideal. Thank you!

Link Soup
* "Margaret Wertheim leads a project to re-create the creatures of the coral reefs using a crochet technique invented by a mathematician -- celebrating the amazements of the reef, and deep-diving into the hyperbolic geometry underlying coral creation."
* Lois McMaster Bujold talks about writing the Vorkosigan saga.
* John Klima of Electric Velocipede needs your help! And that help can come in the form of shopping. You want my first published work, right? That's "Wool and Silk and Wood", in issue #15/16. Buy other stuff, too. *nod* Lots of stuff.

Daily Science
Ants colonize. Fish shoal. Flamingos flock and caribou herd. Earth is populated by inherently social beings. Even lowly worms seek out the benefits of companionship. New research at The Rockefeller University has dissected the social proclivities of a model worm, identifying a single type of neuron — RMG — that “decides” whether these worms will mingle with their fellows or keep to themselves.

Um. Have mostly spent today catching up on internetty stuff, with a side order of cleaning and filing when I can shake off the torpor... my story files are shaping up nicely. Everything that's sold now has its own little folder. And on an electronic organization note, I found the terabyte drive we'd bought months ago, buried in my office - now we can get started transferring everything from my old desktop over there and clearing up some much-needed space on my desk. And also on my laptops, which are both completely full.

Need to add stuff to the raffle and get started on that spreadsheet.

Elayna's working on her "Robin Hood" story now. The stories should be up within the next hour.

Gojirawitz Girls Challenge: Robin Hood

by Elayna

“Robin, where are you going?”

Darn. Caught again.


Robin’s mother stood behind him, holding the front door of the house shut with her foot. She raised her eyebrows.

“This ‘nowhere’ must be a very interesting place, since you go every night.”

Robin looked at Warrenton, who shrugged.


“What are you practicing?”


“With what arrow?”

Robin looked at the ground, embarrassed. “The peacock arrow. The magic one.”

His mother sighed. “I thought so.”

“It’s my best one! I know I’m meant to have it. It appeared on the doorstep while I was out to practice! And when I lost it, it was back in my quiver the very next day!”

“It’s all in your head, Robin. But it’s also in the Sheriff’s. If he sees that arrow, Robin, he’ll want it for himself. He believes the same magic ideas you do.” She scowled disapprovingly. “He’s dangerous, Robin.”

“I’ll be careful.”

Warrenton spoke up, leaning against the wall. “You won’t use that arrow in the contest, will you, Robin?”

Robin’s jaw tightened. He glared at Warrenton as his mother put her hands on her hips.

“Are you?” She asked.

You just had to give her ideas, Warrenton.

“Of course not.”

That, of course, was a lie.

And, after weeks of waiting, the archery competition finally came around. Robin, his mother, and Warrenton all went for different reasons. Robin’s mother and Warrenton were to watch. Robin intended to compete. He wore the outfit his mother gave her, with a green hood.

But on his way to the gate, he spotted a beautiful raven-haired girl, and couldn’t help making his way over.

“Hello!” he greeted cheerily, pushing off the hood to reveal his face. “My name is Robin.”

The girl smiled and nodded. “I’m Marian. It’s nice to meet you. Are you competing?”

“I am.”

The girl brushed some dust off her skirt and looked away. “Good luck then.”

Robin followed her gaze. “Something wrong?”

“That man… he is said to be the best archer in the word. I’d watch out if I were you.”

Robin laughed. “He may be said to be. But I am.”

Marian smiled again. “You seem very sure of this. But just in case you aren’t as good as you think…” She handed him a white handkerchief. “Good luck,” she teased.

“This isn’t good luck. It’s something to clean your face with.”

She winked at him. “You’d be surprised.” She paused. “Nice hood, by the way.”

Collapse )

by Shira

I adjusted the ‘suit one more time. Skinsuit, Rob called it, for the way it clung; silversuit, I called it. For its color. I looked like a doll, fresh-molded, the ‘suit covering everything but my face. The compression mudra settled it in so there wasn’t a particle of anything between me and it. The procedure was still experimental, after all, and I wanted to bring as little matter over from my universe as possible. I eyed the shimmering portal once again, watching it seem to undulate. Ugh. Nauseating. “What’s the holdup up there?”

“Just fine-tuning. The date’s important on this one.”

“May Day. You said. Why?”

I heard him fiddling with the equipment over the comm, slight tinks of metal on metal. “That’s where they intersect. See, they’re both ritual figures of the May Day celebration. You’ll get all of this on the download, when you cross over. Basically, your guy is an archetypical bandit lord.”

“And we’re nudging him why?”

“Charisma through the roof. With the right motivation, you can make him a bandit king. Push him a little, and who knows what he’ll do? Whatever happens, it should make for some interesting stories at the very least… potentially even change history.” I heard the affectionate slap he gave his finished machines. “Okay. All ready?”

“Yeah. I just have to go through, and everything else will just… happen?”

“Just follow the prompts. You won’t remember any of this, any of who you really are or what you’re really doing, until extraction. But you’ll have… hunches. Gut feelings. Follow those, and we’ll see what happens.”

“And I get the lead role next time, right? Not just the love interest?”

“Oh, I have queens and warrior maidens for you. Yes. Just run this one first, and then I’ll turn you loose on the history of Earth-616.”

“Got it.”

“Okay, then. Five - four - three - two -”

It felt like pressing through some stubbornly clinging film - the fabric of realities. I stepped across the threshold, holding my breath, and melded into the target, felt myself settle into her - felt my silverskinned hand perform the merging mudra, and looked down in surprise. Silver? Why would I think my skin was silver? Simple skin, bare in the warmth of May. I looked up, and the man across the way caught my eye once again. Handsome, in a raffish sort of way. The May King.

Go introduce yourself, something in me urged, and I did.

The Gojirawitz Girls Challenge = spontaneous fictioneering to raise money for Explo! We decide what we're tackling the morning of. You get what falls out of our brains.

Author notes:
Elayna: none
Shira: Ballad geek again. Marian wasn’t in the earliest versions of Robin Hood at all; her insertion coincided with him becoming less generic-archetypical-bandit and more noble thief. What if sociologists in parallel universes found intersection points like Marian and Robin Hood being separate parts of May Day celebrations and took advantage of that to mold society? In the story spinning beyond this, she gets to be Jeanne d’Arc, too, and Cleopatra. Earth-616 is a nod to Marvel Comics. I’m a geek.