April 14th, 2009


Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to ariesd!

Ow. Lots of walking yesterday, in less-than-ideal boots. Still full-body sore. At least I slept through the night!

Everything Else
I'm ignoring yesterday's internet; catching up would be a full-day job. If you posted anything I ought to know about, link me in comments!

Today's an admin day; I have to look at all of the stories/poetry/etc that I have around here and figure out whats submission-ready and where to send it. This has been building up and making me crazy.

Nice day out, thank goodness; I'll be able to punctuate Getting Stuff Done with walks. I always think better on walks.

I'll be at Diesel tonight; I am community-starved and disconnected. Look forward to seeing you guys.

Three before-bed things

* Wind Tunnel Dreams: Sorry I've missed two days... out all day yesterday, and not doing well today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

* Canadian pharmacies: Anyone have any to recommend? Teh Itchening is waking me during the night again and is just... constant low-level torture. I really need Allegra, which isn't covered by our insurance company because Claritin's available OTC. Claritin does nothing for me. Nor does Zyrtec. CVS wants ~$100 for Allegra sans co-pay, IIRC; looks like Canadian pharmacies offer it at $20-$30. We'd just like to know if anyone has any personal recommendations or warnings. Comment here if you do!

* Dreamwidth: Invite codes are being doled out very slowly. The best way to get one is to create an OpenID account over there, follow them on Twitter, and/or sign up for their mailing list. That's how most people are getting them. Comment here if you're interested, though, so I know who wants one next time I get one!

Now bed.