April 7th, 2009


Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to amberfox, kires, and wakingdreaming!

Hello to new readers angelmcc, atioroi, and mikemarano!

Recovery is slow but steady. I still fail at nap.

The Last Flight of Space Bat
I know all of my trainsofheaven circus family love Space Bat. So does Spooky, who made a dreamcatcher commemorating her courage and vision. (Check out the rest of the store, too! Skelefairies do karate!)

Link Soup
* Free download of "The Litter and the Leaves" by Enter the Haggis. This song has become another Kirayth theme song in my head; specifically, I can see Victor rocking out to this. :)
* SPOILERS LIKE WHOA here for last night's House.
* Download The Lone Star Stories Reader. Be impressed by its awesomeness. Read Lone Star Stories. Tell your friends.

Daily Science
A new drug-free therapy wipes away fearful memories in rats and humans. The simple treatment might eventually help patients with post-traumatic stress disorder, say researchers.


WTD. I outlined "My Empire for Ashes" a bit more yesterday, mostly focusing on politics; it takes place in a time before the Council was overtly evil, but you can see some hints of what's to come in how they handle a certain event at House Tallart. Want to work on that a little more today.

Will be going to Diesel for the first time in what, two months? Long time. I need a recharge of social energy. Too much isolation - thrashing about in the dark under the shadow of all of this money crap. I may try to get my license converted on my way there, depends how crowded the RMV is. I have an appointment early this afternoon with one of Elayna's teachers; that put me near the 70, which runs by the RMV. So. We'll see.
Wind Tunnel Dreams

Wind Tunnel Dreams: Month of Myth

She meets me at the gates,
pulls me from the earth,
my silken skirts catching like roots
in the cold, soft clay
of the underworld.

It gets everywhere -
under my fingernails,
in the seams of my shoes,
in my hair.

She washes my hair,
combs out the last bits of clay,
washes from me
the perfumes of below.
She braids my hair,
braids in early blossoms
that bloomed just for my return.

There are no flowers, under.
There are jewels that sparkle
all the colors of flowers
in the cave walls,
clasped to my ears and wrists,
in the hollow of my throat
never warming to my skin.

She gives me a hat
(I am too pale
and it is too bright up here,
so bright to eyes accustomed to
the flicker of candles on the banquet table)
and puts me to work in the garden.
Spring planting.
My mother and I,
side by side,
quiet, for I am always quiet at first.
Our hands in rich warm crumbling black soil,
the best kind
for growing things.

It is so warm, the soil
and I press my hands into it,
feel that,
feel the sun warm my skin.

My mother grounds me
the best way she can.

Later, there are apples
drizzled with honey -
simple fare after
elaborate meals of reductions and glazes
and chilled wine made of fruits
my mother holds no dominion over;
the food is sharp and well-spiced, but

my mother's food is
warm from the ground
or fresh from the trees.

I bite into an apple,
closing my eyes
to draw in the taste,
and if I crave the tang
of a pomegranate,
I will never tell her

This one jumped in fully formed as I was lying slugabed and wishing for a real spring.
Brain worms

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Days since last complex partial seizure: 0.

Happened in the shower. When I do get a seizure aura, it is this: the world goes greyscale. So. In the shower, world flipped to grey, I spun and hit the shower door with both hands - because people die like that, drowning in a teaspoon of water on the shower floor. I think I hit the bathroom floor on my palms and flopped over on my right side. When I came back to myself, I was on my right side - body dry (and cold!), hair a little dry (it takes hours to dry completely).

Max was pacing in an arc between me and the door and mrowling. Good seizure response kitty. Protecting Mama.

Turned off shower. Pulled on a bra and a nightgown, apparently. E-mailed Adam. Gchatted Mark to get details pulled out of me and a basic timeline, try to figure out how much time I lost. Determined that I probably had no head trauma and was therefore safe to pass out, which my body kept trying to do during the conversation.

Slept... 5-6 hours.

Up now. Still have some clenchiness and weakness in my muscles.

Stress + sleep dep is a seizure hazard for me; I slept fine last night, but had a three-night streak of sleep trouble before that. I don't think I did anything else that's seizure-risky.

Anyway. That's that. No *hugs*, please. I will be fine. This just happens.