April 3rd, 2009



Happy birthday to burning_brain and lordandrei!

Hello to new reader wirewalking!

Cautious optimism. I need to go for a walk this afternoon, keep in "training" for Sunday's 5K.

Around the House
I've been having one of those kernel-thrashing weeks, where I have so much to do that I can't prioritize, and therefore nothing gets done. I need to haul myself out of that today. Elayna has a friend sleeping over, so I want the house decluttered, at least. And I haven't touched my office since it was s00j and K's home base in early/mid-March - need to get in there and reorganize. I write better in there than I do at the dining room table.

I wish...
...I could go to Norwescon.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Tigger pajamas.
Reading: Nano Comes to Clifford Falls and Other Stories by Nancy Kress.
Writing: Wind Tunnel Dreams, and I need to get some work done on "My Empire for Ashes" and "Maxfield Parrish Blue". I think getting organized will help with this - my brain keeps going to "what stories do I have already? shouldn't I be revising/submitting those? i have to get organized. what stories do I have already?" on infinite loop.
Planning: Today, housework and errands. :P And hopefully some writing. Tomorrow, I was pondering World Pillow Fight Day, and a friend is having a pie-centric birthday party. Sunday, the Walk for Change!


Walk for Change!

I'm up to $690, just about 75% of the way to my goal of $1,000! Sponsor me!

Since I'm over $500, I will be doing a voice post next week of one of my poems or flash fiction pieces. Get me up to $750, and that becomes three. $1,000, and it's a solid week.

All sponsors get the Wind Tunnel Dreams 2007-2008 ebook and a popelizbet mix CD!

And! There is a drawing for a $25 Wyrding Studios custom gift certificate, plus guaranteed inclusion in the next Wyrding Studios Instant Gratification Monday!

Those incentives go for both me and my teammate emilytheslayer, so sponsor her too!
Wind Tunnel Dreams

Wind Tunnel Dreams: Month of Myth

Every night my sister screams.

She wanted to sing lead,
you know,
all wistful airs
and soprano sweetness.
Not very punk rock.

But Billy let her get her way.
Like always.
I watched him watch her,
watched her flirt -
being the pretty one,
the loved one,
was never good enough for her.
She had to take whatever I had, too.

It was easy.
A call for her to help me
down in the basement,
a blow to the head.
A bonesaw.
Messy enough,
but it all washes clean.

She wanted lead,
she gets lead.
Her bones embedded in my guitar.
Her lovely golden hair, my strings.

Every night,
I stroke that hair,
pluck it,
play it;
every night my sister screams.

And the crowd

I'm in a Mood today, so here is a meaner story than yesterday's.

Wind Tunnel Dreams takes weekends off. See you Monday. Remember to leave me prompts, especially if you're sponsoring me!