April 1st, 2009


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to tewok!


The class moved slow enough for me, yay! I made actual musical notes. Many of which were the ones I was supposed to make. My wrist hurt afterward; I need to be careful not to practice too much, and to do wrist exercises.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Okay! Myth beats poetry. I have errands to run, so today's will be late-ish.

I'm taking "myth" very broadly. You'll see stuff pop up from all sorts of cultures. Fun!

Happy Release Day
to saraphina_marie, whose Convent of the Pure is now out!

April Fool's Day
I don't do it. I can never think up a prank that wouldn't be accidentally hurtful, so. I just don't. That said, some places do fun ones, so...

Link Soup: April Fool's Day Edition
* This is hilarious. Click through to CADIE, then to CADIE's blog...
* The Guardian moves from print to Twitter
* New fun stuff from Archie McPhee...
* ...and ThinkGeek

Need to swing by the store and then the post office, and Elayna has a checkup this afternoon. No time for napping, which sucks, because I'm exhausted. I will wedge a bit of myth in there somewhere.