March 31st, 2009

Tam Lin - They Fight Crime!

Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to liamstliam!

Right decent. I need to book a massage for sometime this week.

BARCC Walk for Change
I'm at $400 - my goal is $1,000. Halp! Sponsor me!

All sponsors get the Wind Tunnel Dreams 2007-2008 .doc and the popelizbet mix CD. There will be a drawing for something awesome - a Wyrding Studios shiny is a distinct possibility.

If I hit $500, I'll do a voicepost of one of my poems or flash fiction storybits. If I hit $1,000, I'll do one a day for a week.

Other Upcoming BARCC Stuff
I'm manning a display of the Clothesline Project on the 9th, from 11:30 to when I fall down (shift is til 1:30, but I'm going to pull a double if I can).

The 13th is Budget and Legislative Advocacy Day at the State House. This is a day where BARCC lobbies state legislators on our legislative and budget priorities. This year we are pushing several things:
-the “Governor’s Budget” which would level-fund us from last year (as opposed to cuts)
-a bill to provide housing remedies for people trying to leave abusive living situations (i.e. landlords must respond to lock change requests within 48 hours, tenants should not be financially penalized for breaking a lease due to abuse, etc.)
-a bill to allow victims of sexual assault and stalking to get restraining orders (currently you can only get a restraining order against someone who is a relative or with whom you are or have been in a substantive dating relationship)

BARCC may also be signing on to a bill to prevent discrimination against transfolk; I'm encouraging that.

So I'll be meeting with legislators and legislative aides all afternoon, talking about how necessary all of this is. This matches my skillset!

Ravens in the Library
So, people who have it in their hot little hands and have read my story. Um. What do you think? *bites nails* I kinda just sort of bled that one out and shipped it off to the editors; I don't have a sense of it.

Link of the Day
The Facebook Haggadah. Utterly hilarious on multiple levels.

Quote of the Day
“So much of my fiction isn't fiction; it's dealing with conflicts, with fears, with loves. It's the soup of my subconscious. I take inciting events and losses in my characters' lives from a lot of conflicts inside myself. I just have a muscle in me that processes life through story. Along the way, I learn things about myself that I wouldn't learn otherwise, and I learn things about the world I live in that I wouldn't necessarily learn otherwise. I tell people that writing for me is a lot like putting my underpants on my head and letting everybody see it. You wouldn't know it, I think, to read it. But people who know me will read my stories and see the stuff I'm processing.”

-- kenscholes, in Locus. (And yeah, this is so me!)

Daily Science
An international team of scientists in Europe has created a silicon chip designed to function like a human brain. With 200,000 neurons linked up by 50 million synaptic connections, the chip is able to mimic the brain's ability to learn more closely than any other machine.

I have to pack a few things up for a few people and mail 'em. Also another round of setting up medical stuff - yesterday was eyes, mammogram and breast ultrasound, and checkup for Elayna; today is hopefully getting an appointment with Jen's rheumatologist and scheduling my yearly. I am trying to be good to my body. I just wish it didn't require so much maintenance!

Tonight is my first violin lesson. The course is titled "Violin for the Absolute Beginner", so I know I am not expected to not suck tonight. :) My big fear is that, with my short-to-long-term-memory-buffer broken, I will learn markedly slower than the other students and need excessive coaching. I just have to hope it's more muscle memory than brain memory.