March 18th, 2009


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to rubian77!

Hello to new readers swordlily and thornsilver!

Hangin' in. The bus yesterday was a bit arduous, but I'd popped one of my hoarded Celebrex. So I'm functional today.

S00j & K are doing their thing, Cats at a business lunch, and Dmitri and Bill and I are working and listening to Swedish death metal. Perhaps tomorrow will be a wandering-Chicago day. Today is for decompression.

Flash Photography
Please do not spring that on me. Flashy lights don't trigger seizures in me, but they do make me sick to my stomach. No blinky shit please. *wince*

Photography Overall
Please do not post pictures of me online without running them by me first. I photograph horribly. This makes me acutely uncomfortable. Thankfully, most of the pics from Saturday night weren't too upsetting (I still would've liked 'em run by me first, and no one ever asked if photography was okay with me in the first place). But I anticipate a bunch of cameras on this trip. If you're not comfortable running pics with me in them by me first, please just don't take pics with me in them. Assume that I don't want to be in the picture, and if you really want a picture of me, please ask. Thank you!

I do not think I have much else to say! I am safe and sound and happy in Chicago, and I'm doing my best to get enough rest and take care of my body. *nod* Tonight's a S00j/Cat show; tomorrow we'll hopefully get to go to Vosges before hopping the train!

How's by you?