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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
March 17th, 2009 
Currently on the bus from Cleveland to Chicago. Bus has internet. Yay bus! So far, I can recommend MegaBus - large comfy seats, tables, internet, $25 from Cleveland to Chicago. Jostly enough that I won't be typing much, but I can read, and I have my knitting.

Side note: I am wearing my adorable Chinese-style jacket from Garment District, which reminds me of the expedition with S00j, Emily, and Jennifer. And I am wearing a Kythryne necklace and Sihaya earrings, and am marking my place with a HaikuJaguar bookmark and listening to a mix CD Solcita made me. I carry my friends wherever I go.

Saturday: Pictures are up on Facebook. Go see how much fun we had!

Sunday: The concert/party was a rousing success! The venue we shifted to was just the right size, we had a great crowd, and Elayna overcame her original shyness and got to rocking out with S00j, who was genuinely impressed by how well Elayna kept up. Her delivery of the "Sing, oh sing of the graceful gaselli" bit before "Taglio" was a high point; people were coming up to her afterward saying "Seriously, pursue theater - you have Talent, kid." And "Firebird's Child" was a full-on drum circle. Lots of whee. :) Elayna was thrilled. Could not have wished for a better birthday. Thank you so much, S00jlove.

Monday: Boston to Cleveland is a long drive, y'all. I read a bit, I did a bit of knitting, daydreamed out the window, and had a great long talk with K about my Shayara and his game worlds. I think what I want to do Shayara-wise is write the huge battle that closes Act Two. Working chronologically is not working for me; I keep longing for that battle. So I'll write it. Just not on this jostly bus! Concert was excellent as always. And blackpaladin failed to surprise me. ;) But it was excellent to see him anyway, and theferrett, and to meet blubeagle, blusfrog, bec76, and finally the lovely zoethe, who had the unenviable task of waking me up this morning. You guys need to come out to Boston!

And today? Bus. Bus gets in at 3, so if anyone's in Chicago and not at work at 3, ping me. I could just hang out in a coffeeshop and work, but I'd love to see people, too.
Uncle Rob says: "PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Some of the best-selling Japanese novels in recent years have been composed by young authors entirely on their cell phones. The small screens encourage narratives that are animated by terse rhythms. Flowery descriptions are rare and character development happens fast. I believe that in the coming weeks you will have a capacity akin to the cell-phone storytellers, Pisces. You'll be able to compress complex material into simpler forms; you'll have a knack for being very creative as you cut away frills and strip things down to their basics."
07:42 pm(no subject)
Boondock/can't believe
I am safely ensconced in Chicago.

Walked into the apartment of the person I'm staying with.

On the floor?

A vibrator, lube, two Wartenburg wheels, a fire wand... and a copy of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

I love my friends.
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