March 6th, 2009



Happy birthday to niftybabe313!

Happy early birthday to just_the_ash, stealthcello, and wolflady26, who advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new readers jenk and katogden!

Still hangin' in, which is good, because - weekend of activity!

Friending Frenzy
Is in full swing over here. Tell me all about you!

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* NanoArt
* What happens when robots kill for us? (I expect comment from feste_sylvain on this one!)
* Tunguska-sized space rock buzzes Earth .

Daily BPAL
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Friday Memage!
Wearing: Tigger pajamas
Reading: City Without End by Kay Kenyon and River of Gods by Ian McDonald.
Writing: I'm futzing about in two worlds - Shayara and the world of "Cicatrix".
Planning: Today? Cleaning! Preparing house for influx of people; we're getting four or five this afternoon, yay. :) Tonight, seeing Watchmen - working out the logistics on that 7:30 at Woburn.
Tomorrow, birthday party! Starts at 2. RSVP, or you shall have no pie. Tomorrow night, SJ-and-Cat show at Pandemonium!
Sunday, more party, but lower-key, I'm sure. :)

Magical Drama Queen Roxy!

Birthday Party!

Starts at 2 tomorrow! RSVP, here or on the Facebook page, as I must order cake!


Let's build our own meta FrankenParty. :)

Bring something you think will make a party an awesome party. Be it food or wine or activities or decorations or door prizes or whatever. Duct tape. A balloon. Colored sharpies. Scripts of Clue and The Princess Bride. Whatever.

This is the one true and destined venue for 1,000 Blank White Cards. :)

Yes, this is a two-day party! We'll break Saturday from 6-10pm for the S00j and Cat show at Pandemonium Books, then have a sleepover party (sign up for crashspace in comments; bring your own airbed if you have one!) and continue goofing off on Sunday.


If you are nonlocal, feel free to ping me on Gchat during the party, especially if you can do video chat. :) If someone is near the computer, they will answer, and you can party with us.

So. Friday audience participation: what is the one item that you find elevates a good party into a great party? The items I listed above are sure to bring the awesome. But also? My secret weapon?

Frank, the rubber chicken.


Accomplishments today!

Ordered cake
Made hair appointment for Elayna
Bought Watchmen tickets
Made optometrist appointment for me
Fixed up my userinfo a bit (still needs considerable work)
Set up a website for my-and-Grey's new project, complete with blog, forum, wiki, and pic hosting
Various other tiny business things
Shared a bit of the "Cicatrix" world, shyly, with a few friends
Cleaned up cat barf

...I feel productive.

3/6: Adam & Anna, SJ & K, Cat?
3/7: Adam & Anna, SJ & K, Cat, Ken & Catt
3/8: Adam & Anna, SJ & K

Anyone else in need of crashspace?
Typewriter - tell me about it

Quote of the day

With special relevance to some participants in RaceFail who will not stop lashing out (*koff* W.S., etc.*koff*), and other recent 'net dramas or wannabe dramas:

"When people become adults, they are, of course, responsible for their own behavior. But if you look closely at someone who behaves badly, often you'll see explanations fall into place. Say, someone who's too emotionally stunted to connect that she's doing exactly what her parents did to her. Or, someone who's so afraid -- of losing people, of being wrong, of his own shadow -- that he barrels through life insisting on having everything his way, as if that will somehow prevent scary things from happening. The most despicably selfish people are often, upon close inspection, feral -- they're consumed by self-preservation, and don't have the courage to take the emotional risks that are the hallmark of civilized behavior.

Giving is a risk. Loving is a risk. Kindness is a risk. All demand that we drop our defenses; all allow the recipients of these gifts the opportunity to hurt us."

--Carolyn Hax, via ewin
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Scattershot mid-day miscellany

* I am only *very* intermittently on chat, as I am dashing about like a madwoman.

* If you are taking the afternoon off? I can totally put you to work over here.

* Oh hey, I'm on Ravelry. As Shadesong. So if you are of the cult of fiber arts, you can friend me there. emilytheslayer's teaching me to knit next week.

* My Roomba is problematic.

* Okay, this one is a bit longer.

So I get e-mail about concerts in the Boston area. And I get an e-mail today about -


Def Leppard, Poison, & Cheap Trick.

Shut up. I have a wholly non-ironic love for cheesy '80s hair metal. You should see me dance to "Unskinny Bop". I will blow you *away*. And "Pour Some Sugar on Me" is my favorite stripper song.



So there's this concert, and I am in squee, and I look at the prices, and -

Okay, this is great.

...I do not think these bands have *that* many obsessive fans (like me, ZOMG, wanna go!) these days. And I don't think they're going to sell many of the VIP tickets. Sorry. But I have to show you what they're offering.

"Poison "Nothin? but a Good Time" Package includes:
- One reserved seated ticket located in the first 10 rows of the stage
- Exclusive Velvet Rope Side Stage Seating during Poison?s performance
- Preshow Poison Backstage tour
- Official Poison VIP Laminate
- Autographed 8X10 photo of the band
- Exclusive Poison Shirt
- Exclusive Poison Bandana
- Collectible Poison Coloring Book & Markers
- Set of official Poison Guitar Picks & Drum Sticks
- $25 voucher to the official Poison on-line store
- Early access to the Poison merchandise booth"

How much?



Now, I would love this package. Because my love for Poison is so true. Ride the Wind, baby. Ride the Wind. But. I'd pay $50. And that's the high end of what I'll pay for just about any concert.

So it's easy to say no to that. And there are $20 lawn seats, if I do go.

But. guys, I want a collectible Poison coloring book. My brain has fastened upon this piece of useless ephemera. I need this. This is going on The List. With the pony and the monkey. I will want this forever. Passionately.

Poison coloring book, you guys. This exists.

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