February 27th, 2009



Happy birthday to sleigh!

Happy early birthday to fmh and ivymcallister, who advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new readers alumiere, caudelac, custardfairy, cyberthorn, roozle, the_jackalope, and vixyish!

Ugh. High-stress days man that pain levels go *way* up, so yesterday was unfun on many levels. I seem to have evened out overnight, though, and my breathing is showing actual improvement. I hope to have banished the ick by my birthday.

Ravens in the Library
Since there's an influx of new readers, I shall pimp this again! Ravens in the Library is an amazing all-star (including me! *twinkles*) anthology that benefits the amazing all-star SJ Tucker (s00j). Go read both links. Order Ravens today; it's currently at press, and when it gets out, that price goes up. So if you got paid today, you want to go get that now. And then swing by and buy some s00j CDs.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Also, pre-order your copy of Wind Tunnel Dreams! ultra_lilac is working on the cover art, and should be done by this time next week, at which point we go to press. (I love the art, and you will, too.)

We Counter Hate With Love, Around Here
Oh, hey, Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church is coming to Cambridge. You know him. The "God Hates Fags" guy. He and his band of likeminded crazies will be screaming at the kids of Cambridge Rindge Latin School, because they have a Gay-Straight Alliance.

But. Driving Equality is countering. With what? A Phelps-a-Thon.

For every minute Phelps and his goons are out there protesting, Driving Equality will be collecting donations for Project 10 East and Welcoming Schools Cambridge (the school's resource center for LGBT families). You can pledge any amount for every minute the Phelps folks are protesting, or a flat amount.

The best part? Driving Equality will be displaying a sign right in front of Phelps telling him how much he's raising for LGBT equality.

Click here to find out more and pledge online!

Link Soup
* haikujaguar wants to know your favorite archetypes.
* I love these shirts. Especially "Particle physicists do it with charm."
* A sneak peek at season two of Leverage. ;)
* Kitty town!

Daily Science
A team of Vanderbilt scientists have invented the world's smallest version of the periscope and are using it to look at cells and other micro-organisms from several sides at once.
"With an off-the-shelf laboratory microscope you only see cells from one side, the top," says team member Chris Janetopoulos, assistant professor of biological sciences. "Not only can we see the tops of cells, we can view their sides as well - something biologists almost never see." The researchers have dubbed their devices "mirrored pyramidal wells." As the name implies, they consist of pyramidal-shaped cavities molded into silicon whose interior surfaces are coated with a reflective layer of gold or platinum. They are microscopic in dimension - about the width of a human hair - and can be made in a range of sizes to view different-sized objects. When a cell is placed in such a well and viewed with a regular optical microscope, the researcher can see several sides simultaneously.

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Sock monkey pajamas, love monkey socks.
Reading: Stories of Your Life and Others, by Ted Chiang; The January Dancer, by Michael Flynn
Writing: Dear reader, I dreamed in Shayara last night. ...yep, story's ready.
Planning: Elayna has no school today, and has a Girl Scout event that may = tubing at Nashoba Valley if there's still sufficient sow up there, or may = hanging out in Boston Common and the Public Gardens. When she's out, I get writing time. I have few plans for the rest of the weekend; previous plans fell through. I am doing the Q & A about "The Angel of Fremont Street" at Grub Street on Sunday. Yay for rescheduling.

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Dancer/Holy Ground - by Iroshi

Why You Should Think About Encouraging Others to Be Brilliant

This post by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits so perfectly encapsulates what Grey and I were talking about the other day, that became my internet-pillow-fort thing. I'll reproduce it here in full. All words below the dotted line at his.


It is a beautiful thing to create, to produce, to go out there in the world and make a contribution.

But it is just as important, if not more so, that we help others to do the same — that we teach others to create and produce, that we encourage them, that we support them and help them to succeed.

Why? Why not just worry about our own creations and productions? What’s so important about helping others to succeed?

If you think of your work as a contribution to the world — great or small — then you can say you’ve made X amount of difference in making this world a better place.

But if you help 5 or 10 people make their contributions, you can say you’ve made perhaps 5X or 10X amount of difference in making this world a better place. You multiply your contribution.

And if, in doing so, you teach others to help still other people create and produce and make contributions, you’ve just added an exponent to your contribution … X squared, X to the power of 3 or 10 or whatever the number might be. OK, I’m not great at math, but you can see the point: the amount of difference made in this world not only multiplies, but keeps on multiplying beyond you.

Unfortunately, many people seem to have a problem with this concept. They tear people down, block them, hoard the goods for themselves, and are jealous of the success of others. We need to break free of this jealousy and meanness. We need to learn to be happy for others, and what’s more, to count their success as our success and feel proud of the contribution we’ve made in helping others make a difference.

So go out in this world and create — make something brilliant, whether it be a piece of art or a book or music or a wonderful new invention or a world-changing business or whatever it is you do in the world.

But go beyond that. Teach others to be brilliant and make a difference. Encourage them to create, support them, give them a boost, help them succeed. And teach them to do the same with still other people.

The world will thank you for it. And even if you never receive thanks, know in your heart that you’ve done some good, that you’ve lit your light in this world that will last beyond your mortal years, that will continue to grow and burn brightly long after your dust has returned to dust and blown away in the wind.
Dancer/Holy Ground - by Iroshi

Life with 'song and Elayna

Day off from school, waltzing with my daughter in the kitchen, singing along with Dar Williams' "The Ocean":

This town is a song about you.
You don't know how lucky you are.
You don't know how much I adore you.
You are a welcoming back from the ocean...
Boondock/can't believe

(no subject)

So we're watching Buffy, as previously stated, and we're on "Intervention" (because you can't stop after "The Body", and "Forever" is also brutal, though not as much).

Xander: "So you said those minions are like hobbits with leprosy. Well, a whole flock of hobbits took Spike..."

Elayna, sotto voce: "To Isengard?" *sips orange juice*

Me: "Wait, what?"

Elayna: *splorfle*

Me: "Was that a Lord of the Rings reference?"

Adam: "How do you even know that?"

Elayna, giggling: "A. told me."

Me: "Well, you tell A. to stop filling your head with bad literature."

Honestly! The things they pick up at school!