February 23rd, 2009


Come on a train trip with us!

K says:

There are still a few tickets left, boarding in Chicago, for the "Ride the City of New Orleans" adventure with SJ Tucker, Catherynne M. Valente, Betsy Tinney, Michelle "Vixy" Dockrey, Shira "Shadesong" Lipkin, Alexandra Erin, and the illustrious *Pope* Elizabeth McClellan.

We invite you to join them on a unique adventure that will cross the nation from Chicago, IL, to New Orleans, LA, on the weekend of March 19th to March 23rd, 2009.

Expect a beautiful train ride from Chicago to New Orleans, a dramatic Friday night about town with SJ Tucker and Catherynne M. Valente, a full Saturday to explore the city, and an exclusive, super-special musical performance on Saturday night.

In New Orleans, we have arranged for deluxe accommodations in a period mansion Bed & Breakfast: the world famous Creole Gardens.

This trip package includes round trip tickets on AMTRAK's City of New Orleans, two nights stay at the group destination hotel, and a VIP pass to the weekend's entertainment.

What does it all cost? If you're starting with us in Chicago, your VIP trip starts at $495 (double occupancy) - $545 (single occupancy). You can add roomette on train for $200 each way. The full pass, with roomette and Amtrak food, will be $945 or two for $1390 (double occupancy).

If you want to get to New Orleans on your own, and join the festivities there, we also offer a Weekend Adventure Pass for $275 (single occupancy) - two for $375 (double occupancy - that's $187.50 each). This includes overnight accommodation at the Creole Gardens and a VIP pass to all special events.

Tickets to the Saturday night New Orleans gala are also available separately, for $30.

E-mail me at kwiley@sjtucker.com to let me know you're interested.


Happy birthday to jenphalian and transfiguration!

Hello to new readers badgerthorazine and vincent_nucaso!

The knee is working today. I have sciatica-like pain going up the front of my thigh, which lends credence to the pereonal-nerve-compression theory. My legs are stiff from being immobilized to much of last night. Also, I have a code. Meh. I did sleep well.

My birthday! Is one week! From today!


Wishlists are linked on my sidebar, but what I like most is Stuff You Made (writers, that includes your books). :)

I will be 35. I have been looking forward to once again being divisible by 7.

Ravens in the Library
Is at the printer. I may have a copy for my birthday. I am both excited and antsy. My story is a very emotionally naked one. I mean, stories ought to be; otherwise you're just spackling phrase over phrase with no real purpose or meaning, and that's not my kink. Just - this one is really naked.

This is a great post about it. Forward far and wide!

Another benefit anthology
Via Azhure: "Hope is a new multi-part fanzine raising money for bushfire relief in the Australian state of Victoria. It is edited by me, Grant Watson, with contributions donated by writers, artists and fans in Australia and from overseas. It is supported by the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation (WASFF), and has received assistance from the Film & Television Institute of WA, Supanova and Big Finish Productions.

Issue #1 is now available in a PDF edition in return for donations. How much you donate is up to you - I personally think a minimum of AUS$5.00 is reasonable.

If you wish to subscribe to the entire series (I suspect at this stage it’s five issues long, not four as I’d previously told some people), then I’d recommend a donation of at least AUS$20.00."

Was extremely productive. Elayna and I got errands and silly kid/mom time in on Friday, Adam and I got serious cleaning and organization done on Saturday, and, well - my editor was able to reschedule my Q&A at Grub Street for next Sunday.

Link Soup
* The Credit Crisis Visualized.
* Awesome necklace.
* The original pilot script for Dollhouse.

Daily Science
Knitting 'can delay' memory loss:
Engaging in a hobby like reading a book, making a patchwork quilt or even playing computer games can delay the onset of dementia, a US study suggests.

Via a friend with fibro who's been helped immensely by knitting. Okay, I give in - I should learn to knit!

Wow. This is my first moment of solitude in a week and a half. I kinda don't know what to do with myself. Okay. Must submit stories, and must write. *nod*

Wind Tunnel Dreams - buy your copy today!

Seventy thousand words of reader-inspired, community-inspired short stories, flash fiction, and poetry, yours for the quite reasonable price of $15 (plus $2 shipping & handling within the US)!

This book includes every Wind Tunnel Dream ever written, the entirety of a year-plus project. Revisit the fortune-teller and the jewel-queens, Galen the gryphon and the muses at the end of the world, Shayara and Places You Haunt!

Logistically, this is how it's going to work: I'll take orders until I have enough money to order the print run (which will be 100, based on my informal polling). I'll keep you posted as to how much more I need, and what the printing status is once that goal is reached. All profits from this go straight to Elayna's Explo fund.

Yes, this'll be available outside the US - I just need to figure out how much it'll cost to mail. I don't have an exact weight on it yet. People outside the US can go ahead and order, and I can invoice you via Paypal for the difference in shipping. Sound good?

Cover will be by the amazing ultra_lilac, once I figure out what I want on it. Ideas? And I'm trying to think up a good bonus for purchasers. Ideas welcome there, too.

Order today!

Thank you, as always, for your support...
Brain worms

*pained look*

Monkey says: "Just make sure not to push so hard you get worse, ok? I know the cycle of getting annoyed at being sick so you push harder out of annoyance."
Me: "I've been sick pretty much all year so far." (So sick of resting.)
Monkey: "Because you won't stop and get better."
Me: ":P"
Monkey: "Am I wrong?"

I am currently getting a talking to from him and Mark regarding the fact that when I push myself I get sicker, and that this is a well-established pattern with me, and that I need to just rest.

But just-resting is excruciating. Because when I'm almost well, I see all of these things that need doing. And just sitting there is... aaagh.

But multiple people are poking me and saying "You know that thing you do? You're doing it again." So I am listening.

I'm just frustrated; I feel like I've spent half this year in my sickbed. I have stuff to do. But I have a cold and my brain is just refusing to come online. I feel like I'm in slow-motion today.

There is likely a post coming on my stubbornness re: my body, and not wanting to treat myself like A Sick Person. I suppose that stems from not wanting to treat myself like a sick person. I want you to see writer-me and mom-me and warrior-me; I don't want the first thing you see when you look at me to be sick-me. I want you to see my mind, not my body. My strength, not my physical frailty. Because I am more than this.