February 21st, 2009



I have a bit of money from my parents - enough to go to my very first writing conference and get some things for the house that we've been needing.

Priority One: Coffeepot.

Our current coffeemaker is the free one from Gevalia. It's still functional! But I have problems with it. The water reservoir is literally a fraction of an inch wide. I have shaky hands. Yes, always - some meds make it worse, exhaustion makes it worse, but I always have tremors, not matter what. So I cannot get the water in the coffeemaker.

If we are to replace the coffeemaker, we want a really nice one; we don't want to have to replace a cheap crappy one a few years down the line. But we are not up on the current coffeemaker technology.

A lot of you really like coffee. So.

Any recommendations?

EDIT: Traditional whole-pot coffeemaker, not a one-cup thing. Adam and I drink several cups at a go, and a single-cup system would be a nuisance!

ALSO EDIT: Bonus points for grinder-included. Our grinder is working fine, but anything that can minimize me pouring stuff with shaky hands is good.