February 10th, 2009


Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to badlittlemonkey and satyrblade!

Hello to new reader belasco!

Yep, still sick.

Part of me being all morose is that I am essentially still on bed rest, week two. I have the movie to go to tomorrow night, I'm tabling for BARCC at Harvard's production of The Vagina Monologues Thursday, and I have Boskone this weekend. That's a lot to do when your breathing is iffy and you're too shaky to manage the stairs. So I'm seriously taking it easy. But it's very frustrating; my feelings of isolation are probably amplified by the fact that I am, in fact, physically isolated, separated from my world.

Link Soup
* Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk on creative genius.
* Bus driver protects woman from sexual assault.
* I would so love to go to this.
* Wireless in Nepal.

Daily Science
Some of the most breathtaking objects in the cosmos are the jets of matter streaming out of stars, but astrophysicists have long been at a loss to explain how these jets achieve their varied shapes. Now, laboratory research detailed in the current issue of Astrophysical Review Letters shows how magnetic forces shape these stellar jets.

I kinda need to step back from social media - always a temptation when you're couchbound - and get some work done.

Not making it to Diesel, alas; if I make the hike to the bus stop, I risk putting myself out of commission for the rest of the week. Very physically fragile right now. The cane is in use.


Are you going to Boskone?


We have a hotel room that we'd like to share. Want to cut your Boskone expenses? Room with us! "Us" = me, Adam, and Elayna. Elayna sleeps just fine on a rollaway bed, so you'd have a double bed for yourself. Interested?

Two girls seeking adventure...

Next week is school vacation week!


Except that it snuck up on us this year (last year we went to Arizona and had had plans in place forever), and we are planless and adrift.

So. Gojirawitz Girls seeking adventure! We are intrepid explorers on a limited budget. Very limited. We can venture out anywhere the bus or train goes, if we have crashspace on the other end.

Ideas? Bonus points for places we have yet to be.
Let's Experiment

Just because

I haven't done this in a long time. Mostly because of the potential for abuse. But hey, I'm not going out tonight; I can monitor.

Anonymous commenting is enabled.

Drop by and speak your mind. Say something, anything. Anonymous or not. Have fun. Be excellent to each other.

This post will remain open to anonymous comments for 24 hours from... right... now.

This is artfulruin's fault, a bit.

My status message on GChat right now is "waiting for Vizzini", which prompted many friends to ping me and declare that I am or am not a meanie.

(Anybody wanna peanut?)

So themaskmaker and I got to talking, and the talk drifted to staging productions of plays, and then to doing casual fun living-room readings of 'em, and hey.

I have a birthday coming up. And I've been looking for a theme.

So hey.

We could do Princess Bride. Or maybe Clue, or any number of other quotable movies.

Thoughts, people who live close enough and might attend?