February 9th, 2009



Hello to new reader gingerdoss!

'bout the same. Breathing is clear (bar coughing) for most of the day; I'm walking with my cane when I venture out of the house, but I'm walking.

I like this post.

I haven't said anything on the topic of the great race and cultural appropriation debates. Because, I am invisible here. I have white privilege - because I pass. Fair hair, fair eyes, et cetera. I have white privilege because I live in Boston, and we have Jews here, and Jews are normal here.

Life in Utah kinda sucked, you guys, the two years I spent there. There's only so much you can take of being told on a daily basis that you're subhuman. (My parents never understood that part of what they put me through. They are from New York, and live in South Florida. They have never been spat upon and called unclean. They do not understand. It's not in their worldview.)

I haven't said anything in the race debate. Because - am I a person of color? In certain parts of the world, yes. In certain parts of this country, yes. But on the other hand, I live somewhere where I am not discriminated against, and I am in a profession - both comics and writing - where being Jewish is almost a tradition.

I'm not likely to ever forget being shoved against a bank of lockers and called a dirty Jew. (Yeah, I hit back. This is why I have a GED instead of a high school diploma.) But it's invisible.

One day in Sunday school, my teacher was telling us about the Holocaust. And she singled me out, saying that of those of us in the room, I alone could have Passed. My with my blonde hair and fair skin, I could have pretended, escaped. And I looked around the room at my friends, and it did not escape me that she was saying that I could have abandoned them to certain death. Because I look like just another white girl.

Where is my place at the table? With the white girls? With the POC? Depends who's doing the seating.

Anyway. This is a good post.

Daily Science

A "LIVING doll" made from human liver cancer cells could allow new drugs to be tested in conditions closer to those inside the body. It was built using a technique that moulds tissue into any desired structure.

The structure was grown using about 100,000 beads of the connective protein collagen, seeded with cells from a human liver cancer culture and tipped into a body-shaped mould. On the surface of each bead are cells of a type that secrete proteins and collagen that bind all the cells together.

I think I've cracked the Telenias story. *crosses fingers*

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Wind Tunnel Dreams

Wind Tunnel Dreams

These are my thoughts right now. WTD is something I do for your donations, of course, so your input is very much desired...

1. PDF: Is finished and ready to go to last year's sponsors. Rather than dig through all of those PayPal links for hours, here's a poll asking for your e-mail address. If you didn't sponsor and want the PDF, hit the shiny PayPal button.

I sponsored WTD last year; here's my e-mail.

2. Pictures: Will not be included, but will be archived on WindTunnelDreams.com.

3. Website: Will now offer sample storybits and all of the art, rather than all of the stories. I may let people sponsor individual stories to get them archived on the site, if there's interest there.

4. Hardcopy: Like I said, I don't think a publisher would have interest in a single-author collection by an unknown; if you are or know of one, hook me up, because that'd be shiny. For now, I'll investigate the cost of getting it printed by saraphina_marie's husband's press, and I'll get back to you on how much that might cost. Pre-orders would likely be necessary.

5. WTD in 2009: I have not yet felt moved to do a WTD this year. I think that this is partly due to having career stuff to focus on... WTD is a short-term solution, and writing that I can sell to actual markets is a long-term goal. I do need the money in the short term. So we'll see. satyrblade suggested that I seek patronage for the writing I need to be doing careerwise. Would you be willing to be a Patron of the Arts for Places You Haunt?

I'd like your thoughts on this last part, especially. The times I'm nearly quit WTD in the past, it was because I felt that it was throttling my ability to get to the writing I wanted to be doing. Between seizure meds and fibro fog, I get about one or two hours a day when my brain is online enough to write, and one a day when I'm doing WTD, I can't work on Shayara, or PYH, or the short stories I want to be writing. So obviously I would like it if we could think up a system that allowed me to work towards long-term goals and still pay for my meds.

So there you go. Hi.