January 26th, 2009



Happy birthday to purplefrog26!

Hello to new readers fairylogic and naufiel!

Pain and fatigue levels maintaining at their usual dull roar, save for a bitchslap of exhaustion yesterday. Should get to the dermatologist this week, but in the meantime, I'm hitting Teh Itchening with a double whammy of Lush's King of Skin and Villainess Whipped, which alleviated it a bit yesterday.

Ride the City of New Orleans!
We have a lot of fun stuff being planned for this trip, including a multi-city adventure tied in with Catherynne M. Valente's upcoming urban fantasy novel: Palimpsest.

Expect a beautiful train ride from either Chicago or Memphis to New Orleans, a dramatic Friday night about town with SJ Tucker and Catherynne M. Valente, a full Saturday to explore the city, and an exclusive, super-special musical performance on Saturday night. This trip package includes round trip tickets on AMTRAK's City of New Orleans, two nights stay at the group destination hotel, and a VIP pass to the weekend's entertainment.

More details will be revealed according to the needs of our upcoming adventure.

Please be aware that your VIP pass will also apply at a special event in Chicago on Wednesday the 18th.

You want to do this. It will be epic. I'm going! (Thank you, anonymous benefactor, for the birthday gift!)

Mine is March 2. I will be 35. I always like being divisible by 7. I'm trying to decide if I want to have my party the weekend before, which would mean Intercon people could come but s00j and K couldn't, or the following weekend, which would vice that versa all up. *sit* And I keep coming up with great themes for my party and forgetting them. The little plastic castle is a surprise every time.

Elayna's is March 15, and her party is March 15. That was easy. What's she getting for her birthday? A s00j house concert. :) Among other things. Her party's theme is all things Japanese; the her-friends-only part will be brunch into early afternoon, and the house concert is open to the public. I must think of a wonderful perfect gift for her. *nod*

Adam's is April 8. He will have a party this year. The theme is board games, bacon, and nubile women.

Weekend Update
If you don't read over the weekend - kythryne and I unveiled our fabulous new project, and I posted a picture of me in second grade. Also, you should send me a valentine. There. Now you're caught up.

The Ultimate Punchline
to the Bush administration, as provided by riba_rambles: "And we call it... 'The Aristocrats'!"

Link Soup
* uptart_crow has begun a cyberfunded creativity project!
* cmpriest has a new book out!
* This.

Daily Science
A team of Yale University astronomers has discovered that galaxies stop forming stars long before their central supermassive black holes reach their most powerful stage, meaning the black holes can’t be responsible for shutting down star formation.

The one drop-dead thing that MUST get done today = the finishing touches on my story for Ravens in the Library. After that? Well, I have tons of online chores to do, and must get caught up with saveours00j auction winners and photograph new stuff for the next round of auctions. Also must pack chapbooks to mail.

Oh hai, Internets. How are you today?
Dancer/Holy Ground - by Iroshi


This came up on iTunes, and it's now rattling around my brainpan and making me all wistful.

What are the odds? What are the odds this ends and we don't meet again?

That question breaks my heart a little every time I ask it to myself. I have no closure on so many of the things in my life.

Let fondness be our souvenir
To keep it warm, we'll keep it near
Otherwise with no heart to recall...
A memory's just a memory after all
I will not leave this pulse alone
Though it may take the long way home
I will not wait until the end
For my applause for you my friend

Adam Duritz of Counting Crows sings “There’s a piece of Maria in every song that I sing” in his song "Mrs. Potter's Lullaby", and Joni Mitchell sings "...part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time" in "A Case of You".

And me, I am haunted by my last big brother, with his raven's-wing hair and devilish smile, the man who entrusted me with his stories and what he feared were the crumbling bits of his humanity. Hal, Axis, fortune-teller on the dirty street corner.

What are the odds? What are the odds that I have missed your smile?

I am cracking open and things are coming out. It will be good for the writing, at least.
Social Change



"Virgin America is asking Bostonians how they are re-thinking the rules, creating change and supporting causes that matter. Through our partnership with Virgin Unite we support organizations focused on youth education and the environment, including KIPP Academy Lynn - Boston, Stand Up for Kids and Green for All. To mark our Boston launch, Virgin America is gifting $25,000 to Virgin Unite to support these organizations and $25,000 to a Boston cause of your choosing based on your votes. Submit a non-profit cause that matters to you and be automatically entered for a chance to take your revolution global and fly across the world. "

I submitted the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. Vote for us! And spread the word!

Rarely are signs so clear.

In some clear still nanosecond, you realized that you did not want to die after all. Despite your best efforts.

Or maybe you just wanted to do it on your own terms.

Which leads to now. The longest night, the darkest night. Because it is all happening in realtime, without external violence.

This is the night you spend in the bathtub, with the favorite gun of the man who calls you his little sister.

I write about that, weaving it into the story that "Fortune" has become (and, yes, will be renamed; all it's kept is the device of the cards), this Vegas-born descent of Inanna. I write things I gloss over or never say. Because, as my nameless fortune-teller says, "You only see me if you want the truth. You only see me if you’re already on your way through the night side."

I write it and I write a way out and I hit "save" and "send", and I sit back...

And something slips down and lands in my lap.

A rattlesnake rib, from this necklace.

*smile* Yeah.


Removed some people who
a. didn't have me friended
b. hadn't updated since 2007...

If I defriended you and you don't fit into either of those categories, it was probably an accident. Lots of clicky buttons!

Just trying to keep numbers within reason, so I have the cycles to interact with people I'm currently interacting with!