January 16th, 2009



Happy late birthday to morenasangre!

Happy birthday to hanasaseru!

Happy early birthday to manifestress, omnia_mutantur, lightniing, jlassen, and devoken, who advance a year over the extended weekend!

Balancing out, thank goodness. And I have enough of the muscle relaxant to last me the weekend.

Arisia Survival Guide
* DO NOT give me a friendly shoulder rub as a hello.
* DO ask if I'm currently huggable.
* DO NOT give me those big hugs that lift me off the ground - they are excruciatingly painful.
* DO ask if I need a nap, if I seem spacey. I may not realize that I need one unless it's suggested. Because that's how I am when I need a nap.
* DO introduce yourself, even if we've met before, if that meeting was fleeting. I'm not at Adam's level of faceblindness, but I have a broken short-to-long-term memory buffer.

On a nonphysical note...

* DO please come to my reading - Saturday at 4:30. As a journeyman writer, it is important for me to have support. As I said last night, "Reading to a room full of people is frightening. Reading to an empty room is demoralizing. Give me the frightening, please." So come and bring your friends! There will be a drawing for a free chapbook! And cookies!

Vote on This!
phinnia says: "The original proposal (fully portable funded medicaid waivers for the intellectual/developmental disabled) passed the initial phase and it's now up on change.gov. Now people are trying to get it into the Economic Stimulus Package. There are a lot of wonderful comments about how the process works and how it does stimulate the economy, and there's another round of voting.
I would sleep so much easier if I didn't have to worry myself sick over Sean's future. other people are free to pass it on."

Our poor S00j!
Had a bit more done than anticipated.

Picture of the Day

Want to know what Kyth and I are up to? Reading. Party. It's jaw-droppingly awesome.

Link Soup
* Read this.
* Buy this.
* Vote on this.

Daily Science
FDA okays new drug for fibro!

Cleaning. Baking. Writing. Bill-paying. Packing. Timing myself reading. Last-minute sweep of s00j-benefit stuff.

Arisia. My schedule:

7pm: Hands-On Science for Teens.

10am: Boundaries, Backup, and Buffy. Teen track. Will have candy. Tell your teenagers!
1pm: massage
4:30pm: Reading. You should all come. Will have cookies. Tell your friends.
Night: Ziggurat Labs party, Barfleet party and s00j benefit!, etc.

12:00pm: Sexual Politics and Problems at Conventions
5:00pm: The Power of Myth (Comics track)
6:00pm: Criss-crossing Genres
7:00pm: Art and Illness
8:00pm-midnight: "Masks and Memories" party, co-hosting with Kythryne.

brunch with aViva
2:00pm: Good Guys Wear Black: The Villain as Protagonist

And I'll be taking shifts in the Hot Chicks with Books room, selling my chapbooks.

I repeat once more, your best chance to connect with me is at my reading. And then at my party. Otherwise I'll be dashing about the con like a mad thing. Priority also goes to people who make lunch and dinner plans with me.

Right, then. Shower and tidying.

s00j benefit!

Fundraiser Saturday night, Barfleet party. Right.

What's getting not-raffled?

* CDs by s00j!
* MANY A SLEEPLESS KNIGHT by the Boogie Knights, signed by the artists
* DVD of the Boogie Nights

* Wind Tunnel Dreams chapbooks and a gift certificate for the full book
* Autographed set of Orphan's Tales books by catvalente and companion CDs by s00j, autographed
* Books by ktpinto
* Books by kradical:
STAR TREK: MIRROR UNIVERSE: SHARDS AND SHADOWS, signed by some of the authors
DOCTOR WHO: SHORT TRIPS: THE QUALITY OF LEADERSHIP, signed by the editor and some of the authors

* Jewelry from s00j!
* Mermaid earrings and a peridot ring by sunspiral!
* Jewelry by Wyrding Studios!

Other Stuff
* Pack of Castle Blood/Midnight Monster Hop stuff from Fan Guests of Honor Ricky and Karen Dick!
* Pack of Halloween goodness from The Late Dr. Lady Show!
* Dalek wall clock from norda!
* Decorative globe by mizarchivist (this still happening, or is it separate?)
* SoulCollage workshop with kimeepower
* Tarot readings by batshua
* Decoupaged box by jennythereader

Dancer/Holy Ground - by Iroshi

Save Our S00j Story auction ends tonight at midnight!

don't trust the sideshow serpentina
shadows run fierce when the curtain comes down
but no fiercer than those you may find
looking into these eyes
look into my eyes.

--SJ Tucker, "Carousel"

This is your chance to own a copy of my story "Fortune" with gorgeous full-color prints (size negotiable) of the Fortune-Teller's cards (by ultra_lilac, a set of seven, suitable for framing! Bookish gryphons, petulant sphinxes, mourning mermaids, sinister ringmasters, all these and more!

High bidder is currently solcita, with $45. Do I hear $50?

Click here to bid! Auction ends tonight at midnight.

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Baking cookies. On my way out. Communication at con will likely be limited to Twitter and Facebook, as I can do that on my iPod Touch. :)

See you soon!