January 5th, 2009



Happy birthday to rintrahroars and sinboy!

Hello to new readers anverie and myothertwin!

Still dragged out, but not as dragged out as yesterday. Progress is. *crosses fingers*

Story's up!
For those who don't read over the weekend - my story "The Angel of Fremont Street" is up at ChiZine. *vibrates with glee* Trigger warning: story may be difficult to read. My catharsis. Let me show you it.

(No, it isn't about angels. Just read it.)

It's a Major Award!
SFPA members: Rhysling nominations are open, and I have eligible poems. No, I never thought I'd type that sentence either. So yes - if you like my poems, consider nominating them, please! And if you have eligible poems, post links!

SJ Raffle at Arisia
Okay. We're sorting out how to handle the SJ fundraiser at Arisia - someone's decided to be dickish and throw a temper tantrum over the word "raffle". (No, they're not protecting the con - Barfleet's a separate entity. Anyway.)

So my suggestion is that if you haven't sent me your item yet, put it up for auction on saveours00j. If you have, or if you're giving it to me at Arisia... we'll find a way. Trust us. ;) And that's all I should say about that, but if you're curious, you should stop by Barfleet's table (in the Crow's Nest, I think).

Story for s00j!
Reminder - I'm auctioning a custom story for s00j's medical fund! I've extended bidding through Friday because we're going to be featured in the LJ Spotliht this week. Current high bidder is stealthcello.

There will be another exciting announcement in this vein later today. :)

Link Soup
* Hunter S. Thompson motivational posters.
* Dozen daily delights
* Blog carnival against sexual violence.

Daily Science
Abundant tiny particles of diamond dust exist in sediments dating to 12,900 years ago at six North American sites, adding strong evidence for Earth's impact with a rare swarm of carbon-and-water-rich comets or carbonaceous chondrites, reports a nine-member scientific team.

Daily BPAL
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Need to edit "Fortune" and "Flying Lessons" and outline the sekrit Arisia project. Also need to pack up some late gifts for mailing tomorrow. I don't know if tonight's a BARCC-meeting night; if it isn't, I get a swashbucklr date-night. :)

Hi, guys! How've you been? :)

Answers, part two!

What's the best part about first kisses with New Shiny People for you?
The moment right before. Yes, the kises are nice, too - but that moment of feeling that charge of *potential*.

When would you remove someone from your social circle for something they'd done to you? to someone else?
Hm. I tend to jump to the defense of my friends faster than myself, really. Wolfmama. And... it rally depends! Obviously, any kind of abuse. But there's also being a shit and having no remorse for hurting people.

Did you have a good NYE?
I did! Got everyone out of the house and got some work done. Which may sound boring, but it mae me feel so much better to have it off my plate. Also, Gchatting with s00j is a great way to ring in the new year...

If you spend a day with anyone in the world, living or dead, who would it be.
I have to keep thinking on this one...

How many boards would the Mongols hoard if the Mongol hordes got bored?
One... two...*crunch* three.

How do you juggle meds on nights where you might have wine? I take a subset of what you take and I'm never sure what to add or leave out.
I'd suggest erring on the side of caution. I never take new pills when I might have wine. And I don't take the muscle relaxants, or I space them out after the wine's worn off. But every med affects everyone in a different way, so experiment in safe conditions.

What will we do when we are in the same place to hang out?
Drink chai. Laugh a lot. Talk a lot, primarily about writing, but about other stuff as well. :)

From the outside, you seem fearless... are you? and if not, how do you make yourself go on?

No, I'm not fearless. I have fears like you wouldn't believe. Seriously, I tell people, and they don't believe me. For instance? I have social anxiety like whoa. When I go out, I need someone I know as an anchor, or I will be gnawed to bits by the anxiety mice. I worry, I fret, I build myself into such a state; when introduced to new people, I stumble and stammer...

But I do it anyway. Because if I let that control me, I'd be a hermit, and that is not what makes me happy. I force myself to go out and meet people, and I never regret it.

And that's a small thing. Because once you decide that you will refuse to let fear control your life, it becomes easier to do the things that scare you. So I fling myself out of perfectly good airplanes for charity, I do public speaking, I submit my stories and poetry now (and submitting a story for the first time is so terrifying).

But I still have to talk myself into going out an meeting new people.

Do the thing that scares you. Do it anyway.

You're invited to a fairy ball- and you can wear anything or nothing, but I'd like to see photographs of what you'd wear.
...I have always loved Sara's outfit in Labyrinth. I know it would be impossible to move in. But oh...
Hm. So for ease of movement, layered tattered skirts, my Mayfaire Moon corset or soft tattered leather vest; hair pinned up in wonderments by Wyrding Studios, an Uncommon Facade mask (or one of Grey's if she ever puts hers back up for sale!), and jewelry by Wyrding and Sihaya. I'd let ViolentBelle accessorize me and have s00j and felisdemens do my makeup. :)

What is your favorite daydream?
Heh. That'd be one for the sexfilter. ;)

I got nothin--sorry!
No worries!

When I met you in October, I got the feeling you were flirting quite a bit with me. Was I right or wrong?
My phasers are always set to "flirt", it seems! This is just me being me.