January 4th, 2009



My brain is not braining, and my body's not up to snuff either. I got through Friday just fine, but yesterday I got whacked with The Hammer of Fatigue (and Bonus FibroFog), and got a killer headache, to boot.

Might be slightly better today. Not by a whole lot. I compare it to an adrenaline crash. Basically, I've been On for pretty much a month-plus, including lots of travel, a helping of stress, et cetera; I finally stopped moving, and BOOM.

Oh hai.

Rested all yesterday, with reading and napping. Plans for today are pretty much the same, though I would like to get started kludging together the Wind Tunnel Dreams PDF - but slow-brain days are not the best for learning new skills.

Will have to very consciously pace myself to get through Arisia prep. So local friends, please understand that if I can't attend something, it's because last year I entered January teetering on the brink like this, and I worked myself into exacerbating my bodyfuckery into the worst fibro flare I've ever had. (That said, please still invite me, because I might be able to attend, and feeling isolated makes me sad.)