December 29th, 2008



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Wind Tunnel Dreams

So. I have no idea what to write this week... or, rather, I have too many. I want to end the year on a bright note, rather than a darker one, so that limits things a bit. I have two Shayara stories poking at my brain, but I just did one last WTD. Do you want two in a row? Or something different?

Would you like a Shayara story, or a not-Shayara story?


Want anything specific?

I have a lot of little things poking at my brain... those'll probably become year-end sponsor bonuses. I want to try to put together something nice for the sponsors and help-Vera and save-our-S00j donors.

I wanted to do something Big for the end of the year. But I could go small, writing the single-day single-world WTDs that I did in September and in the original WTD. What do you think? (Feel free to drop prompts in the poll!)

EDIT: With a split decision, I'll do this: five short pieces instead of one overarching story, some Shayara, some not.