November 27th, 2008


General administration before I start cooking

For my writing-monkeyness next week, I have assignments from tigerbright, bodhifox, and felician_logic. Any other takers?

For the Gift Swap, I have me, Elayna, stormkitty, magenta_girl, spoothbrush, dulcinbradbury, kythryne, off_coluratura, tulleandtiara, gwynraven, emerald_ibis, seimaisin, omnia_mutantur, minor_architect, beetiger, phinnia, tigerbright, firebirdgrrl, kyburg, richlayers, niftybabe313, mizarchivist, childofchaos, fortunavirilis, elionwyr, brigidsblest, persis, wyyknot, bookwyrme, emilytheslayer, solcita, penmage. If you want to be in the Gift Sawp and don't see your name there, e-mail me your questionnaire today! Y'all will get assigned tomorrow.

And now, I must go write up the schedule of what goes in the oven when and at what temp and dude, we got a 24 lb. turkey and OH HAI.

Happy Thanksgiving. :)