November 24th, 2008

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Happy birthday to elynne!

Hello to new readers bikutoria, madronn, and minor_architect!

Still itchin'. My doctor was supposed to call something in for me on Friday. He did not do so. So today I get to call and harass him. Painwise and fatiguewise.... mild to moderate. I'll need to pace myself this week. I spent Saturday on the couch, pretty much, but got a lot done around the house yesterday.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
A good week. :) I'll be writing the Alanna stuff later today, and hope to get it to sponsors by tomorrow morning.

Stuff to read
Missing WTD? dulcinbradbury is doing something very much like it. Stop by her LJ and enjoy!

Link Soup
* For Doctor Who fans: don't close your eyes; don't even blink.
* An excellent uncluttering article by Bruce Sterling. I'm currently trying to follow this advice, and it's hard! But I want to only have things in my life that are useful and make me happy. I think maybe I'll make a goal of one big eBaying a month.
* The Glue Society. Beautifully weird and weirdly beautiful.
* For Revolutionary Girl Utena fans: Nanami?
* The Facebook of Genesis. :)
* Just subscribe to Dark Roasted Blend, k?
* iSerenity streaming audio environments.
* The impact of the economic crunch on SF cons.

Daily Science
SCIENTISTS have developed a Star Wars-style "light sabre" that could fight cancer cells. The device could be routinely used on patients within the next five years, according to the researchers. The machine - a couple of millimetres square - fires a laser beam so accurately that it can puncture a hole in an individual cell, allowing drugs to enter and do their work much more effectively. It could mean, for example, that the cells surrounding the spot where a tumour has been removed by surgery would be holed by the device.

Daily BPAL
dark_blade still has room in her Inquisition circle - get in on that!

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Packing up BPAL, wrapping $WINTERHOLIDAY gifts, finishing shopping for Miss Kid, going grocery shopping, writing the Alanna thing, keeping up with a heavy housecleaning regimen. Tonight is a BARCC meeting.
Tuesday, I get my hair restriped and take Gwyn around Harvard Square, ending up at Diesel.
Wednesday, we have lunch with lbitw. I don't know what else. I suspect things will crop up. And Wednesday evening, Spooky and harkalark arrive!
Thursday is one of my favorite days of the year.
Friday, leftovers at swashbucklr's.
Saturday, hanging out with Kyth & Amy.
Sunday, utter collapse.

(See, you've got to make sure you schedule the collapse. That way, when you start to collapse, you can sternly caution yourself that you ought not to rearrange the schedule.)

Right now, I await Gwyn's awakening. *awaits*
Elayna & Mommy laughing

Daily Chance to Do Good

I'd like to use my wish to ask for cards and small gifties to be sent to the residents of my grandmother's nursing home. So many of these kindly old folks are forgotten over the holidays and it breaks my heart. I did this last year and it brought much joy into these people's lives.

The post has pics of a few residents, and their wishlists. This is a simple inexpensive thing that has a wonderful effect. Locals, do you maybe want to combine forces and put together a big care package for them? I could take gifts for them tomorrow night at Diesel and on Thursday...

Also, if you're donating to a food bank this year: here's an article on what they need most.

I can't seem to find a food bank/pantry/soup kitchen that would let Elayna volunteer with me, so I'm just going to bake a few extra pies and bring them over to the fire station across the street. If you have fixings for an extra pie, you might like to do the same. It's another simple inexpensive nice thing... it sucks for anyone to be at work on Thanksgiving day, and I have huge respect for our firefighters. So.
Magical Drama Queen Roxy!


Definitely sufficient interest, so let's do this thing!

Sign up by answering these questions in an e-mail to me entitled "Gift Swap". Please, with the title. I don't want to misplace your e-mail! You will be assigned a person (on Friday, let's say). Send them some niftiness.

Important note: this is a budget gift swap. I'm looking for things in the range of $10-$15, with $15 being the maximum. This is for the folks who can't afford to do the huge elaborate switch witch/secret santas, or who don't have the energy or time.

Handmade stuff is just fine - a lot of you are wonderful craftspeople! Store-bought is also good. Used books and mix CDs are fine. Feel free to get creative with how you can brighten someone's day without breaking the bank!

Here is the form. Please get it to me by Thanksgiving; I'll do assignments on Friday. Have fun!

LJ Name:
Meatspace name:
E-mail address:
Mailing address:
Willing to ship internationally?:
General likes:
General dislikes:
Favorite books/music/movies:
Allergies/food sensitivities:
Jewelry - gold-tone or silver-tone? Do you have any allergies to metal?:
Pierced ears, stretched ears, neither?:
Ring/wrist/preferred necklace size:
Anything inexpensive that would particularly make your day?:
Anything else we should know?

(For that last one, for example: I'll be out of town Dec. 4-8 and 21-31, so please, nothing perishable!)

Ask any questions below, but please submit forms via e-mail to shadesong AT :)

EDIT: And now you have a message board to communicate with your giftee or gifter!

The Perplexed Shopper

Anyone know of any online automatic conversion things that tell you long long you need to cook a 20-pound turkey if your recipe is for a 12-pound turkey, and how to make a recipe that serves 12 serve 16, say?

I'll cook. But you don't want me doing math.
Writing - XanaDuMalion

So. I remind you.

That I will be a writer monkey for your every whim. A custom poem or flash fiction from me makes an excellent holiday gift.

No, really. SRSLY you guys. Name the form, give me the prompt or theme or whatever, and we'll talk price based on length. As for writing time, this week is crazy, but I have time next week.

(This message brought to you by my screaming bank account and the need to shop for Thanksgiving and buy my sister's wedding gift and my parents' anniversary gift before Adam's next paycheck.)