November 22nd, 2008

Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

Airport rides!

This post is just for people who would be willing to help us with airport runs. Oh help help help.

Sun. 11/30: Spooky departing @ 9:38pm.
Mon. 12/1: harkalark departing @ 1:10pm; gwynraven departing @ 1:35pm.
Thurs. 12/4: Me, Adam, and Elayna departing @ 1:46pm.
Mon. 12/8: Me, Adam, and Elayna arriving @ 3:17pm.
Sun. 12/21: Me, Adam, and Elayna departing @ 4:07pm.
Sat. 12/27: Adam arriving @ 8:48pm.

So yeah help. Hi. Tomorrow's particularly urgent.

Wed. 11/26: harkalark arriving @ 6:38pm; elionwyr (Spooky!) arriving @ 8:22pm. Pickup by swashbucklr.
Sun. 11/23: gwynraven pickup @ 2:30pm. Pickup by [Unknown LJ tag] and lynxreign

Other urgent-ish holiday business

People coming for Thanksgiving!

1. Do you have any allergies or other food issues? (We have one person with celiac, so if you're bringing a dish, please label it as glutinous or gluten-free!)

2. Out-of-towners - when will you be arriving? Day and approximate time, please (example: "Wednesday afternoon", not "sometime Wednesday", s'il te plait).

3. Reply to the eVite if you haven't already. I want a headcount, as I'll be recipe-planning tomorrow and shopping on Monday.

I will hush about Thanksgiving stuff for the rest of today. I hope. I just want to get this all taken care of/lined up.