November 18th, 2008



Back safe, whee!

LJ's going down for a bit tomorrow. If I don't get WTD in before the backout, you'll get it Wednesday - I'll be out of the house all day tomorrow. All. Day. *twitch*

That's the other PSA, besides LJ going down for a server change. I'll be out all day tomorrow (BARCC Survivor Speaker thing, date, Diesel, date) and much of Wednesday (post office, Elayna's flu shot, picking up bridesmaid dresses). So... E-mail responses will be slower than usual, I'm afraid.

Am trying. But this way lies madness.

Remember - Saturday is the Interstitial Arts Foundation Potluck! You want to go.It promises to be fascinating.

(Also, it'd be nice if I had a concert buddy for Enter the Haggis on Thursday.)

Am medicated and need sleep. *nod*

Tew's Day

Happy birthday to dandelion_diva!

Feelin' okay. Which is good, because I have to speechify today.

Note to Self
Make up list of required reading, listening, and viewing To Understand Me.

Interesting Article
Can pulp magazines survive in a wired world?

Thing to Do While LJ's Down
Read ktempests's story..

Daily Science
I have a crush on Garrett Lisi's brain.

Daily BPAL
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Mall of Shadesong. WTD. BARCC speaking engagement at Boston College. Hangin' out with Bigby. :) Diesel. Possibly hanging out with Bigby and Snow White, if I'm not too worn out. (We have code names! I'm Red.)
Pimpin' - yuki_onna

Mall of Shadesong: Kiosks

These are the things that don't fit neatly into other categories.

ojouchan: Hairclips, horns, New Romantic accessories, millinery, all over at ViolentBelle!

ysobelle: "I make custom corsets. No...I make custom pieces of body-hugging, breath-defying silk and steel artwork. I will wrap you in gorgeousness and make you feel pretty. Or deadly. Or pretty deadly. I will make you wander Cons and faires and parties and tell complete strangers, "Look! Look! Look at my ASS!" And they will. And they'll like it. Or they'll look at your cleavage-- or try not to, at which they'll fail miserably-- and grin. Or they'll say, "Just HOW small is your waist?"

And they'll all say, "You look fabulous."

And you'll say, "I know!"

minor_architect: "I would like to promote an acquaintance of mine who makes some seriously good chocolates! His name is Reginald Savage and his brand is called Azurelise, after his daughter. The truffle flavors he has available are listed here, along with the prices for each size of box. "

narmical: "I make card games. These games have rules simple enough for 6 year olds but the game play is still interesting enough for an adult. A great family activity!"

Spiritual Services
goddessfarmer: "Spirit/ancestor and animal communication, Reiki treatments and training, and pretty much anything else that involves walking between the worlds."

Got anything that didn't make it in? Feel free to leave me a comment, and I'll add you to the Mall! And look back through the posts and see what I've added!

And - what do I want for $WINTERHOLIDAY? Something you made, be it jewelry or a book or a scarf or whatever. Or something someone in the Mall of Shadesong made, if you don't make stuff. That would be awesome. :)


My poem "When Her Eyes Open" will appear in February's issue of Lone Star Stories.

...which makes three published poems, which means I have to stop saying I'm not a poet, I think. That's the rule, right?

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