November 16th, 2008


Help for another friend's sekrit project

"We are looking for help in coming up with a large, ornate map to use as the basis for a significant thematic element. Do you know of someone who could procure or create a neo-victorian looking map of a large and complicated city (like boston or new york or new orleans or amsterdam) or an actual period drawing of such a map?"

I am certain that someone here can help. :)

(Adam, what's the name of that press we like, that had all the maps? I'm medded and spacy.)
Let me tell you a story

Ladies and Gentlemen...

We are now live (Kyth in sweater, me in BPAL tee, shawl, and bun (I r serious writer!)) and taking requests!

To request shiny things, hit wyrding_studios; the rules are all there.

To request story things, hit me here.

This is all very new. As in, we thought it up yesterday. So I don't know how to set rates or anything; I'm just running this like a Wind Tunnel Dreams thing in fast-forward. You prompt me. I write. You give me monies. Cool? Cool.

Let's go. Anything is up for grabs, any world I've written, anything new. Hit me. Two hours.

Oh, and - anyone who sponsors this or orders a shiny gets a sneak peek at Kyth's-and-my December collaboration. Which is something wonderfully insane, and which we're pretty sure has never before been attempted.

EDIT: As Kyth says, 7pm is FOOD TIME. I hope you had fun - we did! Any storybit requested before 7 (up through HepKitten) will get done, if it hasn't already. If you like the storybits, please consider tipping, and come back tomorrow for a Shayara WTD (titled "A Light Against the Darkness") and possibly more Instant Gratification!