November 15th, 2008



Do we know anyone local who

1) has a Super8 camera


2) can print to microfiche?

Yes, Kyth and I are Up To Something. Something completely nuts. Muahaha.

EDIT: Also, we need someone who has good handwriting.
Writing - XanaDuMalion

Instant Gratification Sunday!

So kythryne does this thing called Instant Gratification over on wyrding_studios. You ask for a simple piece of jewelry to your specifications, including price point, and she makes it. She usually does a two-hour window.

So. Since she has Bonus Shadesong...

I will be doing Instant Gratification, too! Drop me a writing prompt between 5 and 7 PM EST tomorrow, and I'll write you something. I'll figure out payment stuff - probably just the PayPal tip jar. But if you want something like "a sestina about Marvin the Martian", it'll take longer, cost ya, and probably suck. :P

Also, you will get a sneak peek at our upcoming collaboration, which will hopefully drop the first week of December. It is a really freakin' cool idea that we're both really excited about.