November 14th, 2008



Happy birthday to catrambo and kyburg!

Happy early birthday to besideserato, kitteridge, sunspiral, galdrin, and maxymyllyn who all advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader wiccas_witch!

'bout the same as yesterday.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
The sponsors have spoken. Next week, there will be a five-part Shayara WTD. It is called "A Light Against the Darkness". And there'll be a killer sponsor bonus.

Link Soup
* What marriage is.
* The world's first temple?

Daily Science
OMG you guys, exoplanets. Here are some links.

Friday memage!
Wearing: Penguin flannel pajamas.
Reading: Fool, by Christopher Moore. Because I finished
Writing: the expanded "Ondine", and will revise it tomorrow; today I'm working on "Valentines", and no, none of you have heard of that, but I think you'll like it.
Planning: Possibly going to the Incus album release party tonight, if anyone else I know is going; if I don't have company, I'll be sitting around sighing and missing s00j more acutely than usual (I know them through her, and she sang on the album). Tomorrow, I may go to the Prop 8 protest down by City Hall. After that, I'm off to the wonderland of Wyrding Studios to jam with kythryne for a few days. :)

Pimpin' - yuki_onna

Mall of Shadesong: Crafts

Crafty things! :)

eilonwy: "Crafts for people and kitties. Right now my focus is on handspun yarn-- unique creations so that others can make their own unique creations. There's also still time to custom order cat toys for the holidays-- crafted of 100% organic (grade A, highly effective) catnip and knit or crocheted into adorable designs. Be sure to check out the "sold" section of the Etsy shop to get some ideas of what I've done in the past!"

elionwyr: "I make custom dreamcatchers- examples here! Also will happily custom froof up umbrellas - examples here!"

faecat: "I knit - scarves, hats, socks, armwarmers, kidswear. Sweaters for adults, given enough time."

freyapax: "Natural Obsessions: Hand dyed spinning and felting fibers, hand dyed yarns. Also offering custom spun yarn and custom knits."

mizarchivist: "Clay-coolness: Cosmo's Curiosities! My passion right now is decorating tins. I have been known to do dragons and jewelry in the past. Some of the coolest have been dragon tins, which haven't made it onto Etsy yet, so you can see them here: Green Dragon and Lava and Bronze and Jade. Here is a complete retrospective of my work- most recent is listed last. I can do commissions within reason."

mustachiopi: "I have an etsy store where I sell one of a kind clothing, headbands, and embroidery. I'll also be adding lots of stuff in the coming weeks that will be great for Christmas(or solstice/hannukah/etc.)! I also take commissions for clothing."

saraphina_marie: "I embroider, see here. Anything else? Just ask, I am a jill-of-all-trades!"

shadowwolf13: "I do custom dreamcatchers based on nature, seasons, holidays, hobbies, or interests. If you've a friend or family member that's difficult to buy for I bet they'd love a dreamcatcher with their favorite things woven into it. I'm very happy to work with you and create something you adore. Shop: Catch A Dream."

stormkitty: "I crochet and currently have 2 commission spots open (because I design full time, to stay sane, I only take on 2 projects at a time). You can see some of my original designs here at my website. Hats, scarves, kitchen items, etc...I've crocheted them all. Contact me (there's a link on the site) to discuss ideas and prices. You can see all my crochet work here on Flickr."

I feel like adding testimonials to so many of the things I've been posting! My cats' favorite toy is an eilonwy-made catnip fishie, and of course I have exquisite things from Spooky/eilonwyr... and so many of these people, here and in other corners of the Mall, donated wonderful things for Blogathon. And I just think we should support them. *decisive nod*

Remember,if you want your work/site/shop included,just let me know! And I'm adding people to the previous posts every day, so keep an eye on things. :)