November 13th, 2008


Thor's Day

...but it feels like Friday...

Happy birthday to shadowwolf13!

Still intermittent voice and esophageal snot goblins. I would like this to not go to bronchitis, please.

Travel Plans
Have shifted because Elayna needs a hand on a project due Thursday. That I found out about yesterday. So I'll be visiting Wyrding Studios Saturday-Monday instead.

I ask again
That if you've got something to say to me, you say it to my face.

Also, to those special cases who are still chewing the cud of crap that happened and shitty things that they did to me five, six years ago, I request that you please go get a life and stop obsessing over mine. Yes, I track IPs on those comments. I know who you are. Get over it. Get a hobby. Knitting's really hot right now.

And the fact that you chose a post on happiness to pick on is very telling. You've never actually experienced it, have you?

Honestly, though, to people other than the six-year club (as I feel they're too far gone to have a rational conversation): if you've got something to say to me, say it to my face. I would be happy to have an actual discussion regarding whatever problem you have. Dude, I've got brain damage, so sometimes that leads to me being unintentionally ambiguous, and the thing you're so het up about may be nothing but me typing the wrong word. I have had a few people ask for clarification or raise issues recently, and I thank them for it and expect that talking to me about it was fairly painless.

Look. I am surrounded by amazing people, and amazing things happen to me. Hell, last week I got a package in the mail from spoothbrush. In it? The exact earrings I described in my Persephone poem, which I wrote with ioianthe's mask in mind, which helped inspire a series of Wyrding Studios pendants. I am in this fantastic pool of people, and the ripples... I keep coming back to the word "amazing". I am amazed.

And the thing is this: I paid for this joy in advance. Years of pain and madness and suffering and people like said five-and-six-year-club. I fought for this. I fought like a motherfucker, metaphorical flaming sword in hand, because I am a priestess and a warrior-bitch and a goddamn phoenix. And I won.

And it is not a zero-sum game. Me winning does not equal you losing, unless you choose to make it so. But that's your choice. Not mine. So don't put it on me. There is room enough here for all of us, and it's your choice to take the easy route and cover yourself in the muck and stew and stagnate.

I chose joy.

And I am going to revel in it. And I'm going to post about it, and if that gets up your nose, accept that that is your emotion to deal with. And deal with it. Because posting about it isn't to rub it in your face. It is to keep a record for myself. Part of having damage to the short-to-long-term memory buffer is that anything that's happening right now is all that is. If I am happy, I have always been happy, and trauma is just a smudge on the skyline. If I'm fibro-flaring? Baby, I am in the pit of despair, and my conscious mind does not remember yesterday's small miracles. So I keep a record. And when I am in danger of forgetting how magical my world is, I have this, and I can warm myself at its fire.

I have almost died a few times. And I live with the knowledge that, thanks to the epilepsy, I could drop dead at any given moment. My awareness of my own mortality has at times been crippling. But I'm past that. You can't really live every day as if it were your last. DisneyWorld is expensive! But think about what you want to be doing on your last day. Think about how you want to feel. Do you want to spend your last day on earth dancing, or being a dick?

I'd rather dance.

Quote via Jonathan Carroll
"Even if I had amazing recall, and I don't, recollection is often just self-fashioning. Some of it is reflexive, designed to bury truths that cannot be swallowed, but other 'memories' are just redemption myths writ small. Personal narrative is not simply opening up a vein and letting the blood flow toward anyone willing to stare. The historical self is created to keep dissonance at bay and render the subject palatable in the present."


(This is pretty much what Places You Haunt is, for me. And "The Angel of Fremont Street".)

Interstitial Arts Salon
The first Boston-area Interstitial Arts Salon will be Saturday, November 22. More details later. But get that on your calendar!

Join the Impact
Protest Propositions 8, 2, and the rest of the sorry lot this Saturday. Anyone from my neck of the woods going to the Boston one? If so, can I hitch a ride?

Link Soup
* Hee! Yes. This goes for me, too.
* Lost photographs of Hiroshima.
* Dear Bostonians: anyone hiring?
* haikujaguar on social networking.
* "Lostronaut", by Jonathan Lethem.

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* The rest of the genome.
* Cassini finds mysterious new aura on Saturn.
* Incredible deep-sea discoveries announced!

Adam won an ARC of Christopher Moore's new book, Fool. It is about Lear's fool. Lear is my favorite Shakespearean tragedy.

I am not allowed to read this book until I finish "Ondine". Which is no longer called that, but I don't yet know what the title will be. Anyway. I shall be in the word mines all day.
Pimpin' - yuki_onna

Mall of Shadesong: Jewelry

And now we come to the shiny things!

* amberite: "I make jewelry which rocks. I make jewelry with rocks (and other shiny objects.) It's mostly bead- and wire-work. Semiprecious and glass with silver, copper, vermeil and base-metal findings, depending on the piece. The average necklace runs around $28-35, the average bracelet or pair of earrings $10-15 - though there's cheaper and more expensive stuff in my inventory. My jewelry is not up in my Etsy shop yet, but it WILL be. Soon. Right now you can see pictures of a few stray things on the shop banner. Bookmark the page if you like them. My Etsy shop has a Lovecraftian/King in Yellow theme. My jewelry is all magickally enhanced, though concerned citizens should know it will not open portals to the Outer Gods, at least not without a lot of help from the wearer."

* azhure: Sorscha Azhure Designs!

* cissa: "Electric Celt: My original Celtic designs on jewelry, greeting cards, t-shirts, switchplates, and more! One can also get my Celtic ogham divination system, "The Voice of the Woods," there. (Note: maybe this should not be in jewelry, but it's not exactly crafts either..?)

AFMetalsmith: My artisan jewelry in silver and gold, with glass enamels, and precious and semi-precious stones. Some of this work is for sale; some of it is not but shows my range of work. I am happy to accept commissions, but at this point fulfilling something by Yule etc. might not be possible at this point.

And my Etsy shop: There's some overlap here with the other 2 sites, but a lot of unique work too, in a price range of $10 and up. It's all handmade jewelry in silver and gold (mostly), and many pieces have gems. Pieces like my Trinket Rings, made to order in any size, generally ship within a week; however while I can also accept original commissions through Etsy, depending on the piece I may not be able to complete them by Yule etc. at this point.

* devvieish: "I make jewelry which is a unique fusion of wirework and beadwork (the graceful curves of wire, covered with the myriad colors of beads). My website with many sparklies is at , and I do custom work as well. I hope someone enjoys looking!"

* kythryne: Wyrding Studios! "During the month of December, my Instant Gratification Monday sessions (simple custom work while you wait, basically) will be at least 4 hours long each week (they're usually 2) and I will be offering Express Mail shipping. For people who need a last minute gift, this should be very useful. There will be an enormous sale on November 28th."

* sheistheweather: "I make jewelry, and the beginnings of it can be found at unorthofox."

* ojouchan: "I'm Jo, the owner of ViolentBelle Designs . I make custom jewelry, millinery and accessories! I have an odd mix of lolita/steampunk/victoriana going on with all my designs, and I hope you'll stop by! I also do custom commissions!"

* parrish_relics: Parrish Relics!

* qotcpf: Queen of the Cat People: "Semiprecious stones, seed beads, polymer clay, sterling charms and findings, w00t! Prices range from $15 to $100, and I'm available for custom work. This is my shiny new gallery website/blog, but there are links there to my Etsy store :-) Lots of new items going up on Etsy for the holiday season ;-)"

* saraphina_marie: "I also make jewelry- custom orders available- classic- esoteric- Steampunk-etc, prices range from $10-$100(for sets, semi-precious stones, large specialty pieces, etc)."

* sihaya09: "Sihaya Designs Jewelry: Big update coming Nov. 15th. Lots of juicy gemstones, more oxidized leaves, and silvered branches. All $WINTERHOLIDAY Commissions need to be submitted by Nov. 15th. :)"

* spoothbrush: "I will send anyone who asks a pair of Shadesong-poem garnet-and-silver earrings for $6.50 (PayPal lranbom AT (If you're not a garnet person, I can use other semiprecious stones or crystals -- just pick a stone or color.)"

I know I have more jewelers around here - post! (upstart_crow, where's your Etsy store?) And if you do or make anything, comment in the original post - I'd love to include you.

In these uncertain economic times, small business owners are going through some scary stuff. Help them out. Do your holiday shopping at the Mall of Shadesong!
Capri - color

Arisia: Comics Track

I'm assigning participants now. Deadline is... soon.

There are a few panels that are suffering from lack of interest. The following will not run unless we get more panelists on 'em, so if you're interested, sign up for them now!

Secret Invasion: Who can you trust?
The Manga Revolution
GLBT-friendly Comics
Show Me the Monkey!
Brian Wood
Ultimate Adventure!
Tie-In Comics
Hottest Comics of 2008
Midwest Mafia
Dark Horse
Originals vs. the Ultimates
The Worst Webcomics You're Not Reading

So jump on that!

I'm happy that a lot of my new panel ideas have gotten a lot of interest. :)