November 12th, 2008


Mall of Shadesong: Music

Last night and this morning were unexpectedly busy in the best of ways. ;) So I'm late getting started, and am pretty much just now sitting down at the computer. Let's bust this out so I can grab a sliver of writing time!

Today's special: Music!

* dustyskinandall: "How to Take the Fall" (samples there!).

* kradical: "The latest CD from the parody band the Boogie Knights, for whom I play percussion, is available from the band's web site. Entitled Many a Sleepless Knight, the CD includes the following: Collapse )

* s00j: "Tricky Pixie: Celtic Rock for Naughty Faeries
I will sing ye pirate songs and tell ye pirate stories -
S. J. Tucker's music is the perfect mix of witty and weighty - she's 'the maddest hatter on the Bardic path.'
New Album PIRATE GIRLS currently in production!
Ginger Doss - where spirit and music meet
Bekah Kelso - common sense, uncommon Soul
and the rest of the GBMojo network, with gorgeous clothing by LYNG Designs and more!
The bard is back from Faerieland, with a lot to say. Do you dare to listen?"

* solcita: "How about Gaia Consort? We're available in several different places (CDBaby, iTunes), and you can listen to all the music before you buy on the Lyrics page. Purchasing details can be found on our Merchandise page, where you can now order the new DVD of our February 2008 show, "Concert for the Rainforest"! Also on the merch page is gorgeous clothing tie-dyed, designed and produced by lead singer Sue Tinney. (Our cellist, Betsy, plays with Sooj in Tricky Pixie!)

Latest band news is that Gaia Consort is going to be evolving into a new project, Bone Poets Orchestra, but with most of the same energy and great musicians that have made Gaia Consort what it is. suddenlynaked is hard at work writing new material. The first Bone Poets Orchestra tune debuted in October and can be heard here!"

* tewok: "I'm in the band Port Righ. I play pipes and concertina, and I sing. We have one CD called "Na Bi Gorach", which is Scots Gaelic for "Don't Be Foolish". We mostly do traditional Scottish music, with a bit of Irish, English, and American folk. My wife is Jo Morrison, and she's a superb Celtic harper. She's got five CDs, including her most recent "Flights of Fantasy" which is all original music. All these CDs are available from and from CD Baby."

* woodwindy: "My band Burlap Lute plays fun medieval/Renaissance/Celtic folk fusion using both period and modern instruments. Our first album is available at CDBaby for your listening pleasure. (I should note that the band isn't performing at the moment due to kids, life, etc. -- but I hope people will enjoy the CD anyway) For those who like their early music hardcore, our harper/violinist has his own solo, "purer" album, also available at CDBaby."

Support your friendly neighborhood buskers! And tell me if you've got music to sell!
Sister Mystic - X'Ana/Shrijani

11/11 11:11

"Look," swashbucklr said. "Look what time it is!"

I can't remember which of us said it, me or devoken. "11:11! Make a wish!"

Not just 11:11, but 11:11 on 11/11. Extra magic, exponential magic. We all closed our eyes, silently and desperately reeling off our wish lists. Health and solutions to financial difficulties and love and happiness and wisdom, for person after person...

And my first wish and my closing with, in the seconds before 11:12... "Please let everything be as wonderful as it is right now, let me be as happy as I am right now."

I am given to wild priestessy exuberance, moments of sheer breathtaking wonder and joy. I have more of these moments and hours and days than I used to. I don't know if I can take many more, lest my heart burst of it. But I want no fewer, please. I want these moments of wonder and joy, amazement and laughter and light. This is what makes my life so fantastic, despite my physical issues and the financial stuff stemming from them. The state of mind that lets my mind be blown by little found miracles. My mind is perpetually blown. My heart is perpetually full to brimming.

This is why I laugh, and this is why I dance.

My life has so much beauty. And I am so happy that I can see that.