November 11th, 2008


Tew's Day

Hello to new reader laliatk!

Snot goblins currently hovering around my epiglottis. *hack*

Watch This.
Just watch it.

Chances to Do Good
* Authors: please considering donating copies of your books to Jim Hines's $WINTERHOLIDAY book drive!
* Help Patrick Rothfuss support Heifer International!

Link Soup
* Goodnight, Mars Phoenix Lander, and well done.
* T-shirt for all my lawyer friends!
* Cherie Priest steampunk story now online!
* Help compile a list of animal sidekicks and good story videogames.

Daily Science
Two today, because they both apply to me...

* A new study by researchers from the Medical College of Georgia and the Shanghai Institute of Brain Functional Genomics shows that an enzyme called alpha calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (αCaMKII) [this is a type of CaM Kinase] is essential for the formation and retrieval of memories. By briefly altering levels of αCaMKII activity at different stages of the memory process, they were able to prevent the transfer of new memories from short-term to long-term storage and to selectively erase specific memories as they were being recalled.

* If you're too tired to think straight, it might be because parts of your brain are already asleep at the wheel. A team of neuroscientists from Washington State University is challenging the belief that a specific region of the brain makes the call to hit the sack. Instead, our brains power down in stages, the researchers say. If a certain group of cells in our brain gets fatigued, it simply shuts off. Surrounding areas respond in kind and also begin to doze. Once a critical mass of gray matter reaches this point, our brain calls it a day.

...anyone who's chatted with me after I take my meds can testify to that one.

Museum of Science with Elayna, feste_sylvain, and Feste's younger daughter. Diesel tonight. Hopefully some vital errands between. *crosses fingers*
Pimpin' - yuki_onna

Welcome to the Mall of Shadesong!

Today's special: Books and other writing!

* shadesong: I write custom short-short fiction and poetry. Print it out on nice paper and tie it with a ribbon, and what a lovely stocking stuffer! I do not do fanfic, but I'll write anything in my existing universes or something entirely new. :)

* adriannebrennan: "My f/f paranormal erotic romance and vampire novella, Blood and Mint Chocolates, will be released by Freya's Bower on Nov 11! :D"

* anotherjen: has two books out - Magickal Judaism: Connecting Pagan and Jewish Practice and Rites of Pleasure: Sexuality in Wicca and NeoPaganism.

* brigidsblest: "My erotic paranormal romance featuring a feline shapeshifter, written under the name Jessica Quinn, was released in ebook format October 2nd. For gamers out there looking for holiday gifts, there's the first part of Scion Companion, co-written with Joseph Carriker (aka oakthorne), on the Tuatha de Danann, available here."

* brother_bliss: Sky Pirates of Valendor Issue #1: "When Governor Langford discovers one of his employees has been kidnapped and spirited away to a place beyond his reach, all seems to be lost. However, even when the odds are piled up against him, Langford quickly learns the best man for the worst job is a pirate. Soon Tobin Manheim is hired to discover nothing is easy in Valendor. Grab your cutlass, load up your pistol, and make your mark on the line to become part of the crew of Sky Pirates."

* haikujaguar: "I am tickled to know that several people have already bought my book The Aphorisms of Kherishdar as a holiday gift. For people who like significant previews, Google Book Search can give you a great glimpse at the layout and interior illustrations. :)"

* jesshartley: "Jess Hartley is a professional game writer, and would welcome folks to check out White Wolf's newest World of Darkness games for their holiday shopping. She was part of the team that created the last two game lines, Changeling: The Lost (which draws on dark fairy-tale/folklore themes) and Hunter: The Vigil (in which you play humans trying to protect the rest of humanity from the monsters that populate the World of Darkness). She's also written or contributed to more than two dozen gaming books or novels. Games from these lines would make great presents for the geek on your shopping list."

* jimhines: The goblin trilogy (starting with Goblin Quest)! "Humorous fantasy about a nearsighted goblin runt named Jig and his pet fire-spider Smudge. Fun stuff, and it seems to go over especially well with teenagers. has previews of all three books."

* just_the_ash: "My poems -- my full-length collection, Ordinary Beans (just reviewed in the North American Review) and my chapbook, This Natural History. I am also open for poem and flash-fiction commissions."

* kradical: has lots of work available! "Star Trek fiction:
Klingon Empire: A Burning House, an in-depth look at the franchise's most popular aliens, including a Klingon farm, a Klingon slum, a Klingon medical conference, plus the usual politics and military nonsense....
A Gutted World in Myriad Universes: Echoes and Refractions, one of three short novels in this trade paperback, each of which do "what if?" in the Trek universe (or "elseworlds," if you prefer DC metaphors to Marvel ones). My story has Cardassia not pulling out of Bajor, which results in a much different, and uglier, history for the 24th century.
Security in Corps of Engineers: Wounds, a novella in this latest collection of stories featuring Starfleet's tech geeks, originally published as eBooks. In Security, Corsi and Tev both face issues from their past.
Collapse )

* murnkay: "LOVE. DEATH. ZOMBIES. DEMONS. TEDDY BEARS. FIGMENTS OF YOUR IMAGINATION. Those are just a few of the things waiting for you inside Adam P. Knave's CRAZY LITTLE THINGS. Horror collides with just about every other genre within reach to help bring his twisted worlds to life. These twelve tales of strangeness include three new stories exclusive to this volume: "Pretty Little Dead Girls," "Dead Side Story" and "Causing Effect." Also included are both legendary Mister Binkles tales, as well as the critically acclaimed novella, Crazy Little Thing."

* robyn_ma: "My partner has a new book out, Faerie Wicca."

* s00j: "Rabbit's Song, a story of the Trickster and the animals in the before-time, beautifully illustrated by Wendy Lyon Martin, will officially be released this February. I got to hold it in my hands this past weekend, and it's so adorable. The animals are colorful, the Trickster's eyes twinkle with mischief, and the story which started out as a song comes alive on the page. If you are shopping for a little one who loves stories, go and pre-order Rabbit's Song now! Best of all, when your pre-order is complete, you get a gift--an exclusive download of an audio-story, read to you by myself and my co-author Trudy (mama Dragon) Herring!"

* saraphina_marie: Sara M. Harvey writes books! A Year and a Day (paperback- novel-romantic urban fantasy-angels in NYC-$9) is still available and The Convent of the Pure (trade-novella-horror/Steampunk- lesbian half-angel demonhunters-$14) will be available for $WINTERHOLIDAY pre-order!">saraphina_marie">: "Sara M. Harvey writes books! A Year and a Day (paperback- novel-romantic urban fantasy-angels in NYC-$9) is still available and The Convent of the Pure (trade-novella-horror/Steampunk- lesbian half-angel demonhunters-$14) will be available for $WINTERHOLIDAY pre-order!"

* stakebait: "Alleys & Doorways, an e-book anthology of homeerotic urban fantasy edited by yrs truly."

* ysabetwordsmith: "I write nonfiction, fiction, and poetry -- of which the poetry is probably the most useful as a gift. Sample poems are visible here. I can write custom poetry or you can ask what I have in my archives. Especially giftworthy is papercrafted poetry, suitable for framing or putting in a scrapbook; these are printed on colorful paper and embellished with stickers, hole punches, etc."

* zarhooie: "Hello internets! I am Kat and I write poems and stories. If you have someone who is particularly difficult to buy for, consider the look on their face when you present them with a poem or story all about them! It's much better than purchasing yet *another* bottle of smelly body wash. I will work with you to craft a story or poem that will make them smile for years to come. Some examples of my work can be found here. I specialize in norse poetry and storytelling, so give your favorite "pillager" the best plunder of their life!"

If you are a writer and have work to pimp, please do so in the comments of this post, and I'll add you!

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