November 10th, 2008

Cobblestone street


Hello to new reader ringoffire75!

Snot goblins are back this morning. WTF? They are here on alternating days.

I felt mostly okay yesterday. I am a bit dehydrated, I think.

For those who don't read LJ over the weekend
Read this, and help if you can.

The Mall of Shadesong
Posts will begin on Tuesday, I think. I will perhaps do one big post for each subcategory, then highlight a person or two per day in my morning posts.

Grub Street
I survived! And I had the wonderful experience of people I don't know telling me they loved my story. Which is... wow. I know y'all liked it, but you *know* me, and you know where that story came from, so there is maybe some bias there. None here. Whee. :) I r serious writer!

We won. Now what?
rosefox writes about post-election activism.

Link Soup
* Matt Cheney's writing advice.
* In case sdn hasn't already seen it, since I know she always wants to know: a thirteen-year-old boy tells the pblishing industry what teens want.

Daily Science
Neuroanthropology. They got their chocolate in my peanut butter!

Man, I have got to buckle down and write my ass off today! Particularly because Elayna has tomorrow off and Wednesday mostly off (early release). I have the combination of being happy that I get more Elayna-time and being frustrated because my workweek got sliced in half and I'm on deadline.

Otherwise? Dinner with badlittlemonkey, BARCC peer supervision meeting (twice-monthly checkin), and hanging out after with Bigby.

Plans for the week?

Tuesday: Maybe Museum of Science with Elayna and the Amidons and anyone else who wants to come. After Elayna and I get our bridesmaid dresses in for alterations (we finally have shoes!)
Wednesday: Early release day, and parent/teacher conference. Elayna has been busting her buns getting overdue homework in, so hopefully this won't be too painful. Also, I must refill my meds. And I swear there's something Wednesday night that I'm forgetting about, so if you know what it is, remind me!
Thursday-Saturday: Working vacation at Wyrding Studios! I missed Kyth & Amy's last gathering, and I miss Kyth & Amy. Also there is much plotting. And I like her dog.
Sunday: persis's birthday party, if I can get a ride.

Hi. Monday.
Typewriter - tell me about it

Wind Tunnel Dreams

I am still finding myself in deep need of a little supplemental income. So I know I said the next WTD would be at the end of December, but guess what? You get a bonus WTD. Yay, right?

For this one, I want to know what you want. So. Dearest patrons of the arts. On the possible theme of thankfulness, given the season... what would you like to see? What would inspire you to open your PayPal to me?

I'd sponsor you for more...

Places You Haunt
Another WTD universe, which I'll tell you about in comments
Something entirely new

Any and all ideas are welcome. I shall be a dancing monkey for your pleasure. And I'll think up a subscriber-only bonus once I decide what I'm doing.

EDIT: ...I am also available to write custom short-short stories and poetry for the holidays. Print it out and tie a ribbon on it, and what a lovely stocking stuffer!
Brain worms

Talk about perfect timing.

Phone rings. It is my health insurance company's long-term asthma care program; they call every two months to check up on asthmatics.

Them: "How are you doing today?"
Me, calmly: "Not so well. See, I just got this letter from the insurance company saying that they will no longer cover my allergy medicine."
Them: "...oh."
Me: "Yeah. That is going to severely impact my asthma, and my overall respiratory wellness."
Them: "Have you talked to your doctor? Sometimes they can write a letter..."
Me: "Yep, the letter says the doctor can apply for an exemption so I can continue receiving coverage til July 1. But after that, nothing. Because Claritin's available over the counter. But the active ingredient in Claritin doesn't work on me, so I'm pretty screwed."
Them: "Oh."
Me: "And I know that you are not the person in charge of this, so I'm not yelling at *you* or anything. I'm just saying that denying this medication is going to cause problems for your asthma care program in the long run, because a lot of people with allergy-triggered asthma are going to be having a lot of problems."

We continued with my overall asthma and quality-of-life assessment. We concluded with her registering a complaint about the impending denial of medication, and me reassuring her that I'd be hitting member services on my end too.

This has been a day of me being on the phone about untenable crap. But this? The timing was impeccable.