November 7th, 2008



Steadily on the mend, though still weak/coughy.

Link Soup
This is a DIY link soup - a bunch of you had very eloquent posts about Prop 8 and the other anti-gay-marriage stuff that passed. I was saving it for today's link soup, and my browser crashed! So if you wrote something along those lines, please post it in comments?

Daily Science

New Spray-on Solar Cells Invented

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Questionable Content "Aerodynamically Curvaceous" shirt, button-fly jeans, Woods Hole MBL socks, plain old sneakers, BPAL Blood Moon '05, Wyrding Studios "Gratitude" necklace, elisem haiku earrings.

Reading: Justinian's Flea: Plague, Empire, and the Birth of Europe

Writing: The Ondine rewrite, which I'm buzzing on because I have it figured out!

Planning: Today: Lunch date, writing at Diesel, hanging out with felisdemens and the crew. (Lynx, just call my cell when you get close and I'll meet you outside Diesel!)
Tomorrow: Idina Menzel concert with Elayna.
Sunday: Lunch with eustaciavye and her new guy, and saying a few words about my story "The Angel of Fremont Street" at Grub Street. Which words? I don't know.


Advisory: I'll be offline all day, so if you need me, call my cell; if you don't have that number, e-mail Adam (yendi AT Have a great weekend, everyone!