November 3rd, 2008

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Happy birthday to shveta_thakrar!

Hello to new reader pale_chartreuse!

I was *almost* asymptomatic coldwise for a few hours yesterday. Now? Can't stop coughing, am beset by snot weasels, and have lost my voice entirely. Fibrowise and SeizureLasswise, I'm okay, at least.

Interstitial Arts Foundation!
IAF luncheon at Asgard in Central Square this Thursday, November 6, 11-1! (You can drop in/leave whenever, so if you get less time for lunch, no worries.)

What is interstitial art? It is art made in the interstices between genres and categories. It is art that flourishes in the borderlands between different disciplines, mediums, and cultures. It is art that crosses borders, made by artists who refuse to be constrained by category labels.

So writers, artists, craftspeople, come on by. We'll be discussing some interesting art show ideas and our next salon, among other things. (Basically whatever comes up. We meander.)

Watch This.
An election day message from S.J. Tucker.

Enter the Haggis!
Who wants to see Enter the Haggis with me? Johnny D's in Somerville, November 20. People who've been to Johnny D's, how necessary do you think it is for me to do dinner there before the show to guarantee a seat? I expect to be dancing, but also expect to need occasional rest.

Mall of Shadesong
Reminder: If you make or write or do something that would make a nice $WINTERHOLIDAY gift, post here! I'll do the Big Post sometime soon, and I'll be shopping from this list...

cbpotts is doing pimpage as well - check her LJ out!

Daily Science
NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer has lifted the veil off a ghost known to haunt the local universe, providing new insight into the formation and evolution of galaxies.

The eerie creature, called NGC 404, is a type of galaxy known as "lenticular." Lenticular galaxies are disk-shaped, with little ongoing star formation and no spiral arms. NGC 404 is the nearest example of a lenticular galaxy, and therefore of great interest. But it lies hidden in the glare from a red giant star called Mirach. For this reason, NGC 404 became known to astronomers as the "Ghost of Mirach."

Bleh. A hot bath and a good book. I actually have a very busy week from Wednesday onward, so I absolutely need to be better, or at least better than this. So I am resting.


I am optimistic. Yet I am also terrified, because I have been optimistic before. I will never forget Bush's smirk on TV when they originally called Florida for Gore - it was the look of a man who knew the fix was in. I will never forget that night in front of my television, hearing about voting irregularity after voting irregularity, hearing about black voters pulled over on their way to their polling places and delayed til the polls closed. I will never forget the announcement that six ballot boxes went missing from a polling place in Pembroke Pines, Florida - my town, which was polling 98% Democrat. I will never forget seeing ballot boxes in a Jewish retirement community, a week later, never picked up. And hearing the same about Liberty City.

I will never forget my five-year-old daughter's dismay at Bush being handed the presidency.

Guys, they will try to screw us again.

And I know people are saying that Obama's lead is insurmountable, that they'd have to flip too many states and it would be too obvious. And I say "They've done it before."

So what I am saying is that we cannot be complacent.

We cannot kick back and say "He'll win no matter what." No. They will take everything they can. So we have to give more than they can take. Make 'em choke on it, y'all.

Every single one of us has to get out there tomorrow and vote. Everyone. And do what you can to help others do the same. Man the phone banks. Drive elderly voters to the polls. Be on the lookout for any irregularities, and report them instantly.

I'm taking Elayna to the polling place tomorrow. She asked me why - after all, she can't vote yet. I told her that tomorrow was going to be a historic day. That tomorrow would be a day that she'd tell her children about.

That tomorrow would be the day that America would rise up and say "we are better than these last eight years". That people would do the right thing. That people would act toward the principles this country was founded on.

It's time we remembered who we are.

It's time to decide who we're going to be.

Be there on that day.


Now do it.