October 14th, 2008



....via jetshade, and this is all copy/pasted from her:

Businesses and organizations that YOU might support are spending tens of thousands of dollars in CA to ammend the state constitution and keep the California gay community from being able to marry - never mind that thousands of them are already married and all this will do is damage and destroy families. Read the list, don't support these people and SPREAD THE TRUTH

Here is the list of people spending money to take away our right to marry


The group providing it is called Californians against Hate.

Mission Statement

As thousands of gay and lesbian couples marry throughout California, an extremely well-funded campaign has placed an initiative constitutional amendment on the November 4th ballot. Proposition 8 would define marriage as only between a man and a woman. Supporters of Proposition 8 spent millions to qualify this amendment, and have vowed to raise in excess of $20 million to remove marriage equality in California.

Much of the money to qualify this constitutional amendment came from San Diego County. We feel that if these individuals, businesses, and organizations so adamantly desire to take away our right to marry, then the LGBT community, our families and our friends should fight back against these purveyors of hate.

Therefore, we will wage a campaign to disseminate the truth about who funded the qualification of the initiative and who is funding the campaign itself. We propose to take action against the businesses of those who fund the effort to harm us. We will identify these individuals and companies on our web site: www.CaliforniansAgainstHate.com as soon as their names become available to us, and broadcast these names all over the United States utilizing old and new media. We will make sure that our millions of friends and allies throughout the country know the exact identity of those who have contributed vast sums of money to oppose our freedom to marry.

Californians Against Hate is organized as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, exempt from taxation under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is completely independent and not affiliated with Equality for All, which is the official campaign committee opposing Proposition 8 in November. Our funding will come from a few individuals who believe that the truth should be known about those funding the campaign of hate.
Body Count - by sforzie

Tew's Day

Happy birthday to jenstclair!

Hello to new readers larichev and oberonia!

'k, I got through Saturday's Walk and Sunday's tabling, but yesterday's closet-cleaning and box-hauling tipped me over the brink. I spent a few hours so wiped out that my brain was basically not operational, just waiting for it to be late enough to go to bed. And I'm having a hard time kicking into gear today. Plus all of the dust we kicked up yesterday has left me coughing. :(

Daily Science
New images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft reveal a giant cyclone at Saturn's north pole, and show that a similarly monstrous cyclone churning at Saturn's south pole is powered by Earth-like storm patterns.

Going to a Jonathan Carroll reading tonight at the Harvard Bookstore. Besides that? Trying to wake myself up, seeing if I can tackle a few things on the To-Do List of D00m.

Reading's at 7, so I may stop by Diesel first. Any of you Boston folks want to come with?
PSA! - by Zarhooie

One thing that has been driving me nuts.

One of the huge talking points this wacky election season has been "Barack Obama is a Muslim!"/"No, he isn't!"

And he isn't; he's Christian. And making assumptions about someone's religion based on their name is daft.


The people who accuse and the people who protest so much are treating Islam as A Bad Thing. Saying "Muslim" as if that equals "terrorist".

And yeah, we've had some Muslim extremists these past dozen years. Absolutely. But they are a minority. And tarring and feathering a whole religion based on the actions of its radical fringe -

Well, if you want to do that, come talk to me about the Holocaust. And the Crusades, for that matter.

Obama's not Muslim... not that there's anything wrong with that. And I know. I know. That y'all are not so stupid as to believe that all Muslims are terrorists. Or that being a Muslim is in any way bad, or that Muslims are worse people than the people of your chosen religion.

But every time you react with that indignance and outrage, that "how dare they call him that", it sends a message to people who maybe don't know any Muslims that being Muslim is a Bad Thing.

And it's just not.

Mail call makes me happy.

On a day I've been feeling kind of lonely (I'm XNFX, I swing from overcrowded to lonely, it's at least as annoying to me as it is to you)...

* Decants from bookandbroom/habiliments - the Baby Lilith circle celebrating the spawning of kebechet and puddin666.

* A matchbox by heart-sister themaskmaker, the almost-twin of the one she donated to Blogathon - I get to keep this one! (Grey, I love it!)

* My sihaya09's-friend switch-witch giftie from liminalia - soap and tea and a rollerball for BPAL and ginger candies and! lovely earrings by sihaya09 and a Stormwinds pendant by kythryne/Wyrding Studios! All beautifully packaged in a lovely paper box that's just the right size to hold my elaborate Wyrding Studios necklaces for travel.

So I feel so very hugged right now. :) My day has been touched by many wonderful people.


So yes. Re-reading Bones of the Moon, hearing the first chapter of The Ghost in Love, and listening to Jonathan Carroll talk about writing -

- the man is a genius, by the way, and I cannot understand why they are not teaching his novels in writing courses and why so few people know him when you all read his fans and imitators voraciously, so go read him now, I'll wait -

- basically just blew parts of my mind wide open. And I came to some realizations about what I'm doing that doesn't work for me and how to fix it, and - I know how Places You Haunt ends.

I have known this entire second shot at it that it doesn't end the way it originally was meant to. Because I'm not the person that started this book. And I am writing it for different reasons. It is no longer my eulogy, my penance. My recent trip to Vegas threw all of that into sharp relief - I understand now. Who I was, what I wanted and needed. And I understand that I am not that girl anymore, because I have grown; I have become someone else, built on the bones of that girl.

And I am at peace with that city now. And I'm not torn by those knives of survivor's guilt anymore.

And I know how it ends now. I know what Sara does and why it works and what becomes of it, of the spirits, of Doodle and Kaylin and Sara herself.

So yeah. Oh hey. Epiphany. Hi.