September 18th, 2008


Thor's Day

Happy birthday to sihaya09!

Bad pain evening. I don't know why my muscles locked up then - I'd've thought that they'd do that Tuesday night if they were going to. Yesterday wasn't that high-activity. But they waited. I dunno.

Back-to-School Night
I really like all of Elayna's teachers. So dos she. I think this is going to be a really good year academically.

Only bad part: Elayna needed $55 to go on a Chorus field trip.

So that's $60 for after-school clubs, $75 for academic field trips, $50 for school pictures, and $55 for this trip, all in the first two weeks of school. Plus the $50 for the school-supply pack. My wallet weeps.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Will do one per weekday today, tomorrow, and next week; will post the catchup ones the following week. The last two days will be double WTD. I'd do it today/tomorrow, but I'm feeling the itch of going out of town for a week and a half starting Monday and not having stuff done around here. (I'll be out of the house most of the weekend.)

No Links!
Browser crash cost me my saved links. Woe!

Shower, WTD, housework, medical crap, burning through a library book or two, farmer's market.
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Wind Tunnel Dreams

Wind Tunnel Dreams: Wire and Words

prompt: spiders spinning lace

It is well known that spiders spin the most fascinating and bizarre things while intoxicated. Marijuana, alcohol, and many other drugs will cause a spider to spin wild, patternless trash.

Convincing a spider to spin lace is far more difficult.

First, one must put the spider in the proper frame of mind. Your spider should be installed in the parlor. Frequent salons should be held; between salons, play audiobooks of Regency romances for your spider. If you treat your spider as a lady, she will act as one.

Secondly, one must prepare her food in an appropriate manner. Keep an aquarium full of flies; instead of water, give the flies tea. Earl Grey is preferred, but any proper black tea will do. (Green or red teas will produce markedly different results. Herbal teas are not recommended.)

Thirdly, while your spider is devouring her tea-filled fly, sip cognac (port will do in a pinch) and exhale gently across her web. This will make your spider pleasantly tipsy - not enough to get her drunk, just enough to make her feel quite agreeable.

Whisper your request to your spider. Politely. She will comply, spinning loop after loop of the most intricate lace. When she finishes, she will bow slightly; bow in return. With her permission, and after transferring her to a new web, sever the lace from the web and dip it immediately in the preserving agent of your choice. Treated properly, spider-lace is perfect for hats, samplers, and the edging of gloves and bodices.

The prompts were chosen before SalonCon, I swear!

Wire by Kythryne, words by me; all sponsors get a coupon code for a free pair of Large Fandom Collider earrings. And the Large Fandom Collider story or poem. And the knowledge that they are a good person.

All WTD pieces go on sale the Friday of the week they're up, so look for this and the time-in-a-bottle piece and tomorrow's piece in tomorrow's Wyrding Studios update, which will be spectacular.