September 9th, 2008

Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

Tew's Day

Happy birthday to gothwalk, puppetmaker40, and tru2myart!

Hello to new reader uber_wench!

Nyargh. Overdid yesterday, overslept this morning, struggling to get brain in gear.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Still not a poet. Shuddup. :P

Got up to the $60 I needed for Elayna's after-school clubs - just in time to get hit for an invoice for $75 for upcoming school trips. Due Friday. Did they tell us about this in any of the pre-back-to-school communication? No. When's payday? Monday. So. The next $75 WTD makes this month will go towards Elayna's school trips. (Not counting the spring Washington DC trip, which we ought to start saving for, since we know that one's coming.)

Once again: All pendants will be sold on Friday, and all sponsors get a coupon for a free shiny with their next Wyrding Studios purchase. Did any of you guys get any of last week's? I know sweetevangeline got "thank you for erasing my memories" - anyone else?

Today's will be in the afternoon, since I'm pretty newly awake and am going out for brunch.

Garment District = unsatisfying. Unless you want to dress up like '80s-era Madonna, which could be cute but is not Victorian. Foo.

True Blood
You guys know about Blood Copy, right?

More ViolentBelle!
Update! I want hats and hairclips...

Freeze Ray
maxymyllyn applies political theory to Doctor Horrible.

National Invisible Illnes Week
Details here. I may post something later in the week. (Right now I'm at the point of being unable to imagine having five minutes to sit down and write something; I am reminding myself that this will pass.)

On that note
I missed blogging on I Am a Community Organizer Day because I was too busy community-organizing. (BARCC stuff.) I'd like to catch up on that later this week, too.

Daily Science
Researchers have discovered that the same nerve cells involved in forming memories also are involved in replaying them. The finding, published today in the online edition of Science, provides new insight into how complex memories are laid down in a single neuron (nerve cell) and how neural firing, or communication, patterns created during memory formation are maintained during recall.

Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, (U.C.L.A.) showed 13 volunteers—epilepsy patients with therapeutic electrodes implanted in their brains—several five- to 10-second clips from videos such as The Simpsons.

The researchers found that a small sample comprising some 50 neurons in the hippocampus and entorhinal cortex (memory centers in the brain) fired in distinctive repeatable patterns that differed for each clip.

"The results were quite astounding," says senior study author Itzhak Fried, director of the U.C.L.A. Health System's Epilepsy Surgery Program. The same neuron that activated during the original viewing of a specific snippet also fired during recall, and the action began a second or so before the patient reported seeing the clip.

That means, Fried says, that "the very neuron that was selectively active during the encoding, during the original viewing, suddenly came to life. It essentially replayed that memory by firing."

Brunch date. WTD. Catching up with Elayna, who I didn't get to see yesterday. Diesel if I'm not too jittery and peopled out.
Elayna -May 2008

Elayna's Evening Diatribe

Elayna says: "We were voting on class names today. And it came down to two: Cannibalistic Llamas and Celsius. Cannibalistic Llamas was mine. And they voted, and they chose Celsius! What a stupid name. They only voted for that because they can't spell cannibalistic." *mutters* "Because they're illiterate. Half of them don't even know what defenestration means, for Pete's sake. Anyway. Mine were Cannibalistic Llamas and Defenestrated Cows. I mean, those would be great short story names. I should write a short story collection, just stories with awesome names like that. I mean, Celsius That - well, that could be a good name for a science fiction character. Still. Defenestration. The art of defenestration. How do they not know that?"

Adam: "Well, it's not really an *art*."

Elayna: "Sure it is! I mean, you have to decide if you're going to defenestrate the cows hooves first or head first, or with the window open or closed. This is important."

Yep. She's totally my kid.