July 31st, 2008

Were there monkeys?

Thor's Day

Happy birthday to crystalsage and mr_wombat!

Hello to new reader bluestalking!

Still pretty spoonless. I need to go to the library and drugstore, but otherwise, this may be a day of rest.

Hey Bostonians!
Help a friend! sindrian needs a fall industrial design internship.

1. It has to be related to industrial design (basically the design of any physical product that isn't a building or clothing).
2. I have to have a boss overseeing my work.
3. I have to be paid.
4. I have to work for around 12 weeks (it can be a little shorter or longer if necessary) between August 30th and January 5th.

My portfolio (with resume) can be found at:


Contact him at his LJ for more info, and ask around!

Trip Trepidation
I'm going to Vegas on Monday. *falls over* This is the point in trip planning where I start fussing about not wanting to leave my nice cozy home, but simultaneously being excited because... trip! Vegas!

Other sources of mild flail: Vegas is a place that used to be home. What made it home was the people, though, the community. And the community's broken, and the people are dead or gone. I am visiting the bones of my first home.

And using them to build Places You Haunt.

(Gods, I'm looking forward to getting back to writing.)

The Rest of August
Elayna's last day of Explo is the day I return from Vegas. No big plans that weekend.
The next week... is totally free. Paradise week. Where Elayna and I can just wander off and do anything.
Adam's mom arrives that Friday, for the weekend; my parents arrive that Saturday, for the week. Will be spending that week in Cap Cod.
After that - PiCon. Can anyone give me a ride to PiCon from Boston?

Link Soup
* This will only be okay if Joss Whedon writes it. Or Brian K. Vaughan. The good thing about it is that they can't have Faaaaaaaaaamke Jansen as young Jean Grey. (I'm sorry, for the most part, the X-movies have been eXtremely eXcreble. Mostly due to their refusal to hire real actors. I'm looking at you, non-Phoenix and not-Storm. Also not-Cyclops. Et cetera.)
* Of special interest to the singers out there: The man with the 300-year-old-voice. He may be the only man on the planet who can sing [the role of Atis in Reinhart Keiser's 1711 opera The Fortunes of King Croesus] at pitch, which goes up to a B natural, two octaves above middle C. Like a castrati, but, y'know, without the genital mutilation.

Daily Science
NASA scientists have concluded that at least one of the large lakes observed on Saturn’s moon Titan contains liquid hydrocarbons, and have positively identified the presence of ethane. This makes Titan the only body in our solar system beyond Earth known to have liquid on its surface.
Insert Chinese Here

One day only!

Re-opened my BPAL sale, one day only; get payment in by 9 AM tomorrow, it goes out tomorrow. Help fund my Vegas expedition! (Money will not be used for gambling; that's not the kind of luck I play with.)
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I've been thinking quite a bit lately about Home. The geographic home, the social home, the emotional home. Thoughts brought on by a number of things:

1. Vegas Trip. Vegas is the first place that ever really felt like home. Before Vegas, it was all scattered wanderings. Vegas was my first community. It crushed me to leave, but I had no other choice. I was newly pregnant and, well, a junkie. I was not going to be able to quit if I was still entrenched in a social group where keeping a kid away from drugs meant just not leaving them on the coffee table.

2. Lots of Florida travel this year. Florida's where I went after Vegas - to my parents' house, which was not so much a home when I was growing up. I accidentally referred to Florida as "home" recently. And it's not. It's where I was born. It's where I grew up, when I wasn't in junior loony bins and wilderness survival camps and group homes. But it wasn't so much home. When I returned, it was ground zero of a crappy marriage to a guy who was pretty much stealth psycho, and since much of the community grew from that... well, there are people I don't talk to anymore. All of my Florida community is new. All since...

3. The Internet. A stay-at-home mom for two years, I needed something to do while I pumped breast milk... so I discovered the internet, and fell into communities like Tamson House, where I met my future and totally awesome husband (among other totally nifty folks), and the Bordertown BBS, where I met people who are dear friends to this day. I suppose you could say that the Internet was the second place that felt like home to me. Still does.

4. Atlanta. I moved to Atlanta to be with said totally awesome husband. And... it never fit. I wouldn't exchange the experience for anything; Elayna had a great elementary school there, and I made some fast friends who I still miss. But I was totally alone the first year or so, save for Adam, and jobless for the first three months. I was just coming out of the previously-mentioned really bad marriage, my ex-husband was still stalking me (driving 12 hours to stalk one's ex shows commitment, at least), and I felt adrift without a social network, a support system. That's when I got on LJ, and why - to communicate better with the people I'd left behind in Florida. LJ's how I found local friends and built a community there... one that ignited several times, as there are some batshit crazy people in Atlanta, but I did find some wonderful people. Thoughts of Atlanta were prompted this weekend by the presence of ewin, who I met through the writing-marathon group at RetroHaven, and hypnagogie, who lives in NY now. (So many of us moved away. Rin, Karla, Ed...)

5. Boston. Third true home. I first visited Boston as an adult for Arisia 2004, escaping an Atlanta dramasplosion. Fell in love with the city, and with one of the denizens thereof. The latter only lasted a year, but led me to the Boston geek-and/or-poly community I was lauding yesterday. Felt like home immediately. (Also, benefits of being in a community of people who've known each other for 20+ years? The bugfuck nuts people have been nudged aside. Well, most of them. But that's a long story.) I gradually realized, thanks to the 'net and the Boston crowd, that most of my friends and support system were in the Northeast. This, at a time when I was feeling ever more isolated in Atlanta, and really needed better medical options. Welcome to Boston. We can has doctors. And public transit. The person who originally started the "move to Boston" chant... long story, as I said. But even after that madness, I asked people in the community: "Should I still do it?" and the answer was a resounding yes from all quarters. (And some offers to pre-screen future partners.) So we did it.

It is worthy of note that there are only two cities I've every had a sense of direction in: Vegas and Boston. Never figured out how to get anywhere in Atlanta. When I was asked, during a birthday trip to Boston, what direction something was in, I surprised myself by pointing and rattling off directions. So... yeah. This was home. :)

Vegas... you can read about my love for Vegas in Places You Haunt and Walking on Water. It is a town of multiple faces, candied and sick and harsh and unforgiving, and what I write about is not the Strip, it's about what happens when Vegas strips you down to the bone. Who are you, when there is no pretense?

Boston is where my community is. Boston is streets of brick and stone and surprises in alleyways and bits of wonder everywhere.

They're both geographic home. Florida is home of habit. Boston's social home.

And the 'net?

I imagine myself invisible and immaterial. I imagine being able to reach through this series of tubes and hug tablesaw and ojouchan in California, spend the day with azhure in Australia, geek out with themaskmaker and haikujaguar in the same place. I imagine curling up with Spooky, with harkalark. Playing with gwynraven's cats. And for all that Boston is Home to me, I'm also a child of the aether. I find home with so many people in so many places. This is, perhaps, why I can never feel rooted to any one place. Much as I love where I am now, where I am means I don't get to see felisdemens on a daily basis. So... I'm perpetually a little bit wistful.

Where is your Home? Why is that home? Do you live there now? Tell me about it.
Magical Drama Queen Roxy!

Your questions answered!

How are you doing? Before my nap, the answer would have been "not well, but thanks for asking." Nap, however, was restorative. As it damn well should've been, considering it took up the whole afternoon.

What would you do for a Klondike bar? Meh. But for a Good Humor chocolate eclair... baby.

Will you be going to the US Discworld Convention next year? We're not sure. Cost isn't a huge issue; Adam's mom lives near there, and she might help out on airfare to get us there, if she hasn't fled to NYC 'round then. Time's the factor. That would be the weekend before Elayna starts high school. (OMFG, I just said "Elayna" and "high school" in the same sentence.) So it depends if she feels she needs prep time for that. She does quite like the Pratchett she's read and seen, so she'd be up for it, if she doesn't need to cocoon with her friends here. We'll see. We'd like to.

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