July 18th, 2008

Yo I'll solve it


Happy early birthday to ragingamazon, who advances a year over the weekend!

Exhausted yesterday, for good reason. Feeling reasonably well today, with prickles of warning to not overdo. I'll bring my cane, I think, just in case - because when I crash, I crash hard, and we don't have a hotel room today.

Link Soup
* Update at Sihaya Designs! And you'll get the chance to win a Sihaya Designs piece during Blogathon...
* jimhines is the very Model of a Modern SF Novelist. Go. Sing along. Laugh. :)
* For Spooky: Smoking skeleton garden ornaments!

Daily Science
Now in press at Astrobiology is a look at the possibilities of life on Enceladus that holds out hope for detecting biomarkers with data gathered during a Cassini flyby. That’s an exciting possibility, depending as it does not on an orbiter or lander mission from an indefinite future but on equipment we’ve currently got in Saturn space. And the Enceladus picture remains fascinating because of the possibility that some microbial systems on Earth that operate far beneath the surface may offer examples of how life could evolve on a cold and distant moon of Saturn.

Daily BPAL
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Friday Memage!
Wearing: Little blue lacy nightie. It's hot here.
Reading: I'm hip-deep in several books at once! Multireal by David Louis Edelman, The Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia, and The Magic Mirror of the Mermaid Queen by Delia Sherman.
Writing: Blogathon item descriptions for auction. *bangs head against wall* It'll be easier next week, as the most time-sensitive stuff will be done. Then I can get some work done on the 5,000-Word Challenge. I'm not counting the Blogathon stories toward that, even though that'll almost certainly be over 5K. I don't know why. Maybe because it's not a real, marketable story.
Planning ReaderCon! Like I said, if you see me, say hi. I'm not doing panels at this one. But if you're on my friendslist, I'm probably going to at least one of yours.

Will not be online. If you need me, feste_sylvain has my cell-phone number.
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Meet Team Venture

Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition
User Number: 1480809
Date Created:2003-11-23
Number of Posts: 5,795

Kat is blogging for Heifer Project International for the third year in a row. This will be her fourth year blogathonning and her first with Team Venture. Her goal is $1000.
Strengths: bakes the most delicious cookies evAr, has boobs the size of Kazakhstan
Weaknesses: Attention span leaves much to be desired
Special Skills: is seekritly a force of nature
Weapons: Pirate ninja robot zombie princess monkeys.
Why You Should Tune In: Kat will be exhibiting 12 delicious food items over the course of Blogathon, complete with photographs and recipes.

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Miss Kat says: "Can you put up a poll asking what people'd like me to do for recipes? I kinda can't bake for 24 hours straight, so I want to get the stuff baked/cooked *now* and just write about it at Blogathon. I'm thinking my famous chocolate chip cookies, stupid-easy pineapple angelfood cake, curry, pasties... anything else?"

In addition, I has Big News:

Everyone who sponsors a Team Venture blogathonner gets a chance to win Fabulous Prizes.

I don't know what the prizes will be yet! But they will be fabulous. Custom story by me? Custom puzzle by slipjig? Jewelry? Cookies? Books?

If you want to donate something to the prize pool, e-mail me at shadesong AT gmail.com. (Author friends, this is your chance to get in on the benefiting-charity thing!)

Every sponsorship gets one ticket. I can't do the X amount of dollars = X amount of tickets thing this time, because it ate my brain too much. One sponsorship, one ticket. Sponsoring two Team Venture bloggers gets you two tickets. There should be some sort of bonus for sponsoring all 11 of us.

Yes, I'm kinda crazy to do this. But I'll do pretty much anything to raise money for BARCC and help my teammates raise money for their charities. Blogathon is not something one does casually. These people are here - coming here from New York and Georgia, yet - because they feel passionately about doing everything they can for charity. In some cases because they just love that charity - in some cases because they have a deep connection to that charity, through trauma or loss of a loved one. This is a big tough thing. The reason I'm gathering us all together like this is because it's brutal to Blogathon on your own. Here at Team Venture, we'll keep each other awake and stretching, hydrating and writing.

We all care deeply about our charities - about helping them, and about helping each other.

So check your budget, and see what you can do to keep Team Venture going.

One week and one day til the 'thon.

One last note? Any Team Venturites who have yet to make a card ought to do so, lest I make one for them. I'm lookin' at you, slipjig. ;)
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