July 13th, 2008

Cobblestone street


Say you wanted to buy an existing building, renovate it, and start a bookstore.

How would one get even the vaguest idea of what that would cost?
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Sunday miscellany

* We can has A/C! Thanks to the awesomeness of lynxreign and emilytheslayer. W00t.

* Reason for the bookstore post: There's a property near here, on Main Street (but freestanding), that was recently about to become a Burger King. Town vetoed the Burger King, thank goodness. But. See, there are two problems with this town:
1) No Indian restaurants, and more importantly,
2) No bookstores.
So not only would this fulfill my bookstore dreams, but it would be filling an important niche in the community. Can I afford it, even with a small business loan? I imagine not. But it's fun to imagine I could. *wistful sigh* Realistically, all our money needs to go toward buying a house. I want to own my damn home.

* Tonight's Elayna's Backyard Shakespeare.

* I lost my last spoon about an hour or two ago; I can barely *see* straight right now, let alone type. I go catnap.
Elayna -May 2008

Backyard Shakespeare

Elayna was, once again, wonderful as Hero (with an excellent boneless swoon into Beatrice's arms) - and also clowning around as Watch #1.

The moment that cracked everyone up, though, was totally unscripted. There was a three-year-old girl there, cousin of the girls playing Beatrice and Borachio... she sat next to me and required me to explain what was going on at regular intervals. "Why are they not getting married?" "Um. The bad guys made them think the bride was... dishonest." "Oh, okay." She gradually got more and more into it, watching enraptured -

- and when Conrad lunged at Dogberry shouting "You, sir, are an ass!", said child jumped to her feet, pointed at Dogberry, and yelled "You're an ass!!!"

Good times.

Anyway, all of the players had a great time, they actually made it through the play, there was only one injury, and there was ice cream afterward.

They are joking that next year's production will be Titus Andronicus.