June 27th, 2008



Happy birthday to robyn_ma!

Happy early birthday to bodhifox, who advances a year over the weekend!

Blech. I should've mentioned, I've been having bouts of nausea again.

Response Delays
In almost every case where I'm late in responding to e-mail, it's because I'm waiting to hear from other people on the matter. Example: Saturday plans sound great, but Elayna's Backyard Shakespeare may have been switched from Sunday to Saturday, and I don't know what time. I scramble for info, and I'm scrambling for a lot of it at once, and my wee scarred brain has trouble juggling all the stuff I have to do, so it doesn't get done. I need to redo my to-do list...

And I'm going to try to devote an hour a day just to set-aside e-mail stuff.

Summer Schedule
The highlights:
Readercon: July 17-20
Blogathon: July 26-27
Trip to Las Vegas: August 4-9
Mom in town: August 18?-? (about a week)
Pi-Con: August 22-24

Adam's mom will likely visit at some point, too,and my birthfamily suggested a summer visit. We'll see. But this is as it stands.

Link Soup
* Ways to recycle jeans.
* 8 drugs doctors would never take. Yeah,I'm on one of those.
* 10 extraordinary burial customs from around the world.
* Pop-up hotel rooms.

Daily Science
Martian soil around NASA's Phoenix Lander is slightly alkaline and has enough different minerals that it could support Earthly plants and—more to the point—microbes beneath the Martian surface, according to the first results from the probe's wet chemistry experiment released today.

Mission scientists say the soil has a pH between 8 and 9, which places it somewhere around seawater or baking soda in alkalinity. It also contains the minerals magnesium, sodium, potassium and chloride. Further analysis is expected to reveal whether it contains other chemicals such as nitrogen and sulfates. The finding implies that life could indeed survive below the surface, where it would be protected from harmful ultraviolet rays and harsh oxidants that might accumulate on the top layer of soil.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Silly little Victoria's Secret chemise.
Reading: The Fibromyalgia Advocate by Devin Starlanyl, and The New Space Opera.
Writing: I need to take an editing pass at "Fortune" and "Ondine". And, y'know, PYH.
Planning: Today, household stuff, lunch with mendoza, and Wall-E. Tomorrow... depends on Miss Kid's Backyard Shakespeare thing. Sunday is the Explo registration day!

Elayna -May 2008


Explo starts Monday! Her main courses are Actor's Workshop and Just For Kicks (martial arts); her mini-courses (two-hour Wednesday-only sessions) are Musical Theater and Stage Combat.

She is prepared to spend three weeks onstage and kicking ass, sometimes simultaneously. Go Elayna!

And that's just the mornings. There are fun afternoon activities that she can vary daily, evening stuff, and awesome weekend trips. Best summer evar.

I have informed her that since y'all helped send her there, you'll want to know what she's up to - so she'll be guest-blogging at least once a week in thanks.

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Blogathon folks:

I sent lots of e-mail this morning. I hit up people who hadn't responded with a "Please, I *heart* your work", and I reminded people whose items I don't have yet. (I know where some of you are on your progress, but not where some of the others are, or if they remembered they'd offered. I could have kept splitting the e-mail list down like that, but I do not want Xeno's E-mail.)

If you are donating an artifact, please give me details on it that I can use in the auction description. This goes especially for the knitters; I am not a member of the Cult of Knitting, so I don't know one type of yarn or stitch from another, and I want the items to be described as well and completely as possible to catch all of the eBay search strings.

In a perfect world, I write a basic boilerplate, I stick your description and the photo in, and boom, I post it. Because I hate trying to describe things for eBay, I really do.

And yes, I can still use more items. If I get more than 48, I'll just write more. Do you make something? Bonus points for something unusual! Let me know. :) Remember, all proceeds go to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.

Next on the e-mail list: Team Venture, I have a food-preferences spreadsheet. Watch for it!
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Were there monkeys?

Holy crap.

That's the scariest storm we've ever driven through.

Multiple trees down. Power lines spaghettied across Main Street. Fire trucks and ambulances ever. Very low visibility.

*eyes big mean surprise storm*

I'm gonna go hug my cat now.