June 14th, 2008


Life with 'song and Adam

We're going to a big party today. (Me and Elayna, not socially-phobic Adam.)

Me: I should ask Elayna what she thinks we should cook.
Adam: Cook?
Me: Something to bring to the party.
Adam: Ah. Well, we don't have much in the house.
Me: Y'know, we can just pick up some crudite. Everyone likes crudite. Especially on a hot day.
Me: What the hell happened to me? I swear I used to be punk rock.

I swear used to have street cred. Did my street cred just go poof? (People really do like the baby carrots!)

Unrelated - my brain and body are recovering from the grueling week. I have a lot to process and post about. Not today,though. Today = me just hanging out with my friends. But. This was a good thing, this week, and I am very glad I did it, and am excited about going forward with this.

Schedule FYI

I think I've sent e-mails to everyone I already had plans with, but as a general FYI:

* I need to jump into writing Places You Haunt.
* I have limited time during the day.
* I lost a week of writing time last week.
* I really need to sit down and shut up and write this week - to establish a routine.
* So no breakfast or lunch "dates" for a bit.
Elayna -May 2008

LARP question

I'll repost this on Monday for maximum response, but so I don't forget:

Elayna hosted a LARP at her birthday party this year. I was asking her what she wanted to do to celebrate the last day of school; we were leaning towards taking everyone out for gelato, when she recalled that a few of her friends had been nudging her to have another LARP.

So! LARPers: ideas? Something quick and easy to construct and run, appropriate for mature middle schoolers and young high schoolers? Elayna had the idea of doing a haunted house theme with the characters actively working against genre tropes - which sounds fun, but I don't know what to do with it. Writing LARPs is not in my skillset.
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