June 11th, 2008


Odin's Day

Hello to new reader aedifica!

Hanging in. Toe continues to be problematic. The biggest physical challenge of this training is that I'm perpetually exhausted - I'm used to napping in the afternoon. No naps for me. :(

Today is Supporting Significant Others, Legal Issues and Advocacy for Survivors, Domestic Violence, & Cultural Competency and Sexual Assault Work. Training is brutally thorough.

Yesterday I wore a 1950s housewife dress - yellow blossoms on an ivory background. Yes, I not-so-secretly love to wear '50s housewife drag. Today I'm wearing my swirly green Gaselli skirt and my BPAL Rose Moon tee (silver print of a phoenix all of roses and thorns), and for fragrance, The Passionate Shepherd To His Love. I smell like springtime. (Yesterday I wore Beaver Moon and smelled like cupcakes.) Wearing a New England Alchemy pendant by Wyrding Studios. (Yesterday I wore a Gratitude necklace.)

Dressing up amuses me.

Too tired last night to make onigiri, so today's bento is salad, carrots, a little cheese, and chopped dates. Also I have a bag of trail mix.

We have 33 items and need 48 - if you were thinking of throwing something in, please do so! You don't have to make it especially for this. Something you have in old inventory's fine. (freyapax: the scarf arrived, and it's gorgeous!)

Not reading LJ
So tell me what's going on in your life!

Link Soup (links saved from last week)
* Cannibal banquets.
* The holy guide to sexual positions.
* Deval Patrick declares domestic violence emergency.
* Read this.

Daily Science
Punching your way out of a paper bag could become a lot harder, thanks to the development of a new kind of paper that is stronger than cast iron.
The new paper could be used to reinforce conventional paper, produce extra-strong sticky tape or help create tough synthetic replacements for biological tissues, says Lars Berglund from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.
Despite its great strength, Berglund's "nanopaper" is produced from a biological material found in conventional paper: cellulose. This long sugar molecule is a principal component of plant cell walls and is the most common organic compound on Earth.

Tonight's support person is feste_sylvain.

I just want to thank my local community for being so supportive. Yesterday's stop at Diesel was very good for me - lots of nurturing hugs and listening as I processed my day. Not that I babbled about it *too* much. Still lots to process!
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No - you like eet!

One last thing...

From cbpotts: "my hubby Tim is in the volunteer fire department for our town (Ellenburg Center) Now, we're a BROKE town and the fire department doesn't have a lot of resources -- like basic fire fighting gear and EMS supplies and stuff. The ambulance crew is the first response for medical emergencies up here -- and we're all farmers and whatnot, life's dangerous and our medical unit is understaffed and all volunteer. Nobody gets paid anything. The Ellenburg Center Fire Department is selling cookbooks to raise money for gear: they still don't have enough funding to buy turn out gear for all the guys. Turn out gear is what you wear when you're going into the burning building to save people: it protects you from the fire. It's such a small department, we simply don't have -- and there's not a lot of tax base to draw on here, quite frankly. So if you want to help out a good cause, buy a cookbook. (You'll discover, in this hard back, spiral bound cookbook, recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, veggies, main dishes, desserts and more -- all the best of North Country cooking, delivered fireman style!) Email me at cbpotts (at gmail (dot) com and we'll get you hooked up -- they cost $12.95, and postage is $2 regular mail, $4.60 express."
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Everything hurts/Doesn't work

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I'm dealing with the emotional side of things.

What's catching up to me with a vengeance is the physical - the two miles a day worth of walking, and the sitting and stiffening all day.

I am in a lot of pain right now. A lot. Bad pain day. Worse pain night.

Bed now.