May 30th, 2008



Happy birthday to skyra! Miss you, lady. Stay strong.

Happy early birthday to alphafenris and jadecat9,who both advance a year over the weekend!

Optimism remains. Biggest problem is that my healing knee itches like crazy. I think it may scar. I scar more easily nowadays. (The scar on my right bicep is the other new-ish one. Damn cat misjudged her balance and caught me on the way down.) That's cool, though. It's got a good story. All scars should.

Link Soup
* sihaya09 has a great post here. No,I'm not going to sum up. Go read it.
* I would totally use this.
* Chronic pain blog carnival.
* Benjamin Rosenbaum on the other WisCon drama. :)

Daily Science
Oldest Live Birth Captured in Fish Fossil

She is the oldest mother of any species ever found, a 380-million-year-old fish immortalized in a fossil while still attached to her offspring by an umbilical cord.

Dubbed "mother fish" by the scientists who discovered her in northwestern Australia, Materpiscis attenboroughi is not only an entirely new genus and species, but pushes back the first known case of live birth in the animal kingdom by some 200 million years.

Friday blogging!
Wearing: Um. This is embarrassing. Yellow babydoll Victoria's Secret nightie with kaleidoscope pattern. (It was on sale, okay?) Yep, we're officially out of flannel pajama season. Only took til almost June.

Reading: Crystal Rain by Tobias Buckell (on Kindle/downstairs); The Patron Saint of Plagues by barthanderson (on paper/upstairs).

Writing: The big projects are:
* poking through past WTD to edit them and figure out where to submit them.
* writing this month's WTD.
* jumping back into Places You Haunt, Delia Sherman's notes in hand.

Friday: watching Teeth with lightcastle. Yay vagina dentata! Tonight is date night with feste_sylvain.
Saturday: Helping taura_g and ariesd clear their guest room for the impending return of theloriest. May see about swinging by Mount Auburn on the way home. (Thanks for the pics, guys!)
Sunday: Helping badlittlemonkey and rintrahroars move in! Elayna will be earning major XP by babysitting five kids while the grownups haul furniture (and,in my case, small boxes).

And you?
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Goonies never say die!

Reminder: Rape/Sexual Assault Survivors Ritual

Reminder: I will be lighting candle a week from tonight, to honor and send strength to fellow rape/sexual assault survivors.

If you want a candle lit for you or someone you know, tell me here.

And please, feel free to spread that link around. I have 500 candles. I'll light 'em all if I have to,and get more.

Read here. Pass it on.

(No comments here just because I need to keep things focused on one post. Well, okay, two.)

*is in Roomba trance*

Every gimp-girl should have a Roomba. They should issue them to you at the rheumatologist's office. "Yeah, your body's pretty messed up. Here's your Roomba." Saves my hands, saves my back, saves time.

This is not a paid endorsement, despite the fact that I am dating a cute roboticist. It's just that the Roomba seriously makes keeping a clean-ish house *so* much easier.
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PSA! - by Zarhooie



I cannot recommend Teeth.

See, had they skewed smart and dark, they could've been like Ginger Snaps. Had they skewed quirkier, they could've been Saved. As it was? Trying too hard to be both, and ended up being neither.

lightcastle and I were discussing all the ways in which this movie is made of fail. I think a big part of the problem for me is that the movie's message is "all men are evil." And, y'know, they're not. This is a movie-sized statement of that old saw that All Men Are Potential Rapists, and it just throws guy after guy into the, er, toothy maw. So to speak.

So yes. Awkwardly plotted, awkwardly filmed, awkwardly cut, and just not a good movie. Add triple warnings for several kinds of sexual assault. Just... no.

EDIT: I did like it that one of the severed penises was devoured by crabs. This was not a subtle movie.
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I'm totally blogging this

I win. I don't know at what, but I know I win.

[Rapid-fire conversation among lightcastle and feste_sylvain]

LC: I remember I read this story once, about the guy - who did the math on black holes...?
FS: Schwartzchild.
LC: It was Schwartzchild. Okay. It was World War One, and Schwartzchild -
'song: *perks up* *scampers to dining room* *plucks book off table* *flips to page 90* *hands to LC*
LC: ...that's the story.


Connie Willis, "Schwartzchild Radius". In the collection Impossible Things, which had been in the dining room since I read Elayna and Coyote-Chan "Even the Queen" a few months ago. I haven't read the story in question in years.

So my short-term memory may be screwed, but my long-term memory is intact. And pretty good. And I love that it was on the table, yet.
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