May 20th, 2008

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Tew's Day

Hello to new reader krose92684!

Cautious optimism.

New front page, which is essentially setup for Thursday's concert. (Like I said, I'm getting Katrianna to a pausing point.)

Cleaning and organizing
Clearly this is what I need to be up to right now.I find myself itching to organize stuff. When it's not the office, it's my Firefox bookmarks or my books-to-be-reviewed.

Anyone work with Zope?

Quote of the Day
"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.The other is as though everything is a miracle."
--Albert Einstein

Daily Science
A vaccine created by University of Rochester Medical Center scientists prevents the development of Alzheimer's disease-like pathology in mice without causing inflammation or significant side effects.

Daily BPAL
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Cleaning and organizing, clearly. Also, I must critique. Because I have to devote a chunk of tomorrow to packing. It totally throws me off that I'm travelling early Thursday morning.
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Opportunity to do good!

surreal_rebirth says: "my seven-year-old daughter, jessalyn, is going to be participating in the relay for life in vermont this summer with some of my friends. i was wondering if maybe you could post a link for her donations page for me, to help us get the word out a little. she is really excited about this and i want to help her out any way that i can. her donation page is here and she is promising to draw a picture for anyone who donates as a thank-you."

And Jessalyn herself says, on the donation page: "My name is Jessalyn and I am seven years old. Last year, I lost my Nana Rowe after her long battle with breast cancer. This summer I will be walking in the Relay for Life in honor of her and so many other who have fought cancer. Even kids can make a difference!"

Go Jessalyn!
Knowing is half the battle

I keep forgetting that I have a cell phone now.

And, as feste_sylvain found out on Saturday to his mild dismay, "Of course you don't have anyone's number. You don't use telephones."

So if I ought to have your number, give it tome just so I have it on hand for situations like Saturday's, where we realize we don't know the address of the party we intend to attend.

And especially give me your number if you'll be at WisCon and want to grab me for lunch/dinner at any point.

What's your number?

Got anything else to say?