May 1st, 2008

Dancer/Holy Ground - by Iroshi

Thor's Day

Happy birthday to the dashing lightcastle!

Hello to new reader mamadeb!

Last night was bad with the ouch. Today,less so,and mostly the legs.

Holiday special!

As the Dasaroi have coexisted with humans for, well, the entire human lifespan, many of the world's religions are represented within Shayara. I started with Beltane because the image jumped into my head yesterday, but could just as easily have started with Rosh Hashanah. :) Belief in the three gods of the Dasaroi does not preclude other beliefs.

Will continue to write holidays, celebrations, and festivals when they occur to me. :) And we'll return to Tessa and her gang next week.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
When I started WTD in November, I said "no Shayara" - because in November, I was trying to stretch my mind away from Shayara. WTD has mutated over the past few months, though. So this week? You get Shayara. In large part because lrstrobel is working on theme music for the seven Houses of the Talthar Kithrayna. And I thought hey,there are seven days of WTD. And this will give him a better idea of the Houses than just me lecturing, and it'll do so faster than just waiting for the main storyline. So.You get Shayara WTD. Specifically, House by House, the answer to the question "What does it mean to be of your House?"

Link Soup
* "Frank Miller has become a bad parody of Ben Edlund's parody of Frank Miller."
* Experimental blood substitutes raised the risk of heart attack and death, yet U.S. regulators allowed human testing to continue despite warning signs, says a scathing new report.
* On Feminism. (Read that.)

Daily Science
Researchers at HP Labs have built the first working prototypes of an important new electronic component that may lead to instant-on PCs as well as analog computers that process information like the humain brain.

The new component is called a memristor, or memory resistor. Up until today, the circuit element had only been described in a series of mathematical equations written by Leon Chua, who in 1971 was an engineering student studying non-linear circuits. Chua knew the circuit element should exist -- he even accurately outlined its properties and how it would work. Unfortunately, neither he nor the rest of the engineering community could come up with a physical manifestation that matched his mathematical expression.

Thirty-seven years later, a group of scientists from HP Labs has finally built real working memristors, thus adding a fourth basic circuit element to electrical circuit theory, one that will join the three better-known ones: the capacitor, resistor and the inductor.
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Talthar Kithrayna

Wind Tunnel Dreams: House Tarak

Margaret looks in on the children’s room as she passes by, smiles at her daughter leading storytime. Her daughter is barely out of girlhood herself, so she takes her position very seriously - straight back, crossed ankles. And she always does the necessary silly voices.

She nods at her daughter as she walks past. She smiles and nods at everyone - sometimes a hand on the shoulder. Margaret is in her element in the Library. She was born to it.

She trips up staircase after staircase around the grand central lobby, barely out of breath despite her age, and finally she is at her favorite room. Her special project.

She calls it the Recollection Room.

Shelves upon shelves of parchment and hand-printed books, reel-to-reel and cassette tapes. Interview after interview. Memory after memory.

When Margaret sits with new-arrived Dasaroi, places her fingers to their temples, smiles at them, and talks them in spirals through life before life before life, her gift a beam of light through swirling memories, leading them back to their beginnings… many questions are asked. But always, always, this one:

“What is the first thing you remember?”

Life before life, coming as close as possible to the beginning - even in the oldest of souls, there is the barrier placed by the gods after the Fall. Usually a dead end, but sometimes it is hazy - sometimes, together, they can almost remember -

That much is futile. Hence Margaret’s special project. Whenever she has a little time, she comes up to the Recollection Room; day after day,year after year, she is cross-referencing, she is taking notes. She is doing her level best to piece together the days just after the Fall. To find any clues she can.

She herself has just one clear memory from before the Fall. She remembers Tiala’s kiss on her brow, a single word: Remember.

She will remember. She will guide and keep the memory of her people. And someday, she will know.

The girl leading storytime? That will be Donna's mother.

Answer Margaret's question on the forum!
Dancer/Holy Ground - by Iroshi

Early evening miscellany

* Have been offline much of the day, celebrating in the traditional way. ;)

* My tremendous good news? Delia Sherman will be critiquing Places You Haunt for the WisCon Workshop. *boogies down*.

* Some great stuff in the Shayara forum; thanks, RPers! Note: some of the characters have started to speak up on the subject...

* Hey, I just realized I could give forumites custom titles. Anyone want one?

* Come over at noon or later tomorrow if you want to label/organize yard sale crap with me! There will be punch and pie pizza. (Aaaagh, I am not looking forward to this. But I will suffer through it to decruft the damn house.)

* I am way behind on answering e-mail; please bear with me.